Incase you’ve missed our million and one plugs for the last month we’ll be at the Wedding Fair, Bluewater this coming weekend. At our stand (U16 incase you’re interested….) we’ll be running free sessions to help banish some of those wedding worries. So if you have something that’s bugging you or just can’t find the answer you need, come along and let us help.

Here on the blog we’ll be counting down to the fair with a special roundup of some of the most common worries we’ve covered in our posts. We’ll also be linking to other blogs and wedding websites as well to give you further help and advice. Researching online is an obvious and easy way to find suppliers but nothing beats a Wedding Fair to get tailor-made answers to any questions or queries you have. The chance to really get a “feel” for your suppliers is so important too and you simply don’t get that online. So take the time out and visit a few fairs during your wedding planning (pssst start with the Wedding Fair at Bluewater this weekend).

So watch out this week on the blog for some of the big stuff like choosing your wedding photographer, how to pick your venue, styling your wedding and avoiding a carbon copy day. Hopefully we’ll help you banish those wedding worries!

Emma x

PS Ooh did I mention you can save on the ticket price for the Wedding Fair at Bluewater tickets with our special code?



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Wedding Planning

We’re really excited as we’ll be doing our Wedding Worries Workshops for as many couples as we possibly can at the Wedding Fair, Bluewater this September (20th to 22nd September 2013).

If you’re planning a wedding chances are you’re feeling the pressure to make your day stand out from the crowd and bring all your plans together within budget. Not an easy task, so at the fair you’ll get the chance to chat with us about how to make planning your big day that little bit easier. From queries about choosing suppliers, making the most of your budget, finding your wedding style to bringing an individual personality to your day, we’ll do all we can to find an answer that works for you.

If you’re stressing about something, however big or small, you can have a free one-to-one session with us at our stand where we’ll chat through your plans with you and try to banish those wedding worries!

We love the Wedding Fair at Bluewater as it brings together so many suppliers in one place giving you the chance to find inspiration and ideas for everything wedding related. It’s all there from cars to cakes, dresses to drapery, favours to photographers, bridal accessories to bands, styling, catering, venues and much more.

The catwalk show which runs at different times during the day is fantastic for seeing different styles close up, as dresses never seem to look the same in the flesh as they do in the magazines. You can also try on most of the catwalk dresses plus Bridesmaids and Grooms can also get in on “wedding dress up” fun as there’s a whole range of wedding wear available.

We’ll also be running a special wedding competition and have discounts available for our full planning workshops so make sure you come over and say hello!

Happy Planning

Emma x

Catwalk Images by: Louise Bjor­ling from the Bluewater Wedding Fair Spring Show

With less than two weeks to go to the big day, the stag and hen nights are now a blurred memory and the nerves have really kicked in for our April bride. Philippa is nervous about being centre of attention on her wedding day which is a worry I can personally relate to as this was my major wedding nightmare.


I was always happy to be part of the party but not the reason for it and on my wedding day I would be the centre of attention like never before. Wearing a big white dress would take me right out of my comfort zone and friends and family became the audience whilst I was the star of the show. It frightened the life out of me. So when a bride tells me they feel this way I’m pleased that I can personally offer some comforting words and take away some of the stress.

The minute I arrived at the aisle I didn’t notice the 100 guests watching me walk down it, all I could see was the man I was about to marry, when I said my vows I was only saying them to him not the audience sitting in the pews. During the reception I actually enjoyed talking to all my guests and didn’t feel like the centre of attention in the way I feared, instead I felt so honoured to have people care enough about us that they wanted to share our day. Everyone just got on with enjoying themselves so it didn’t feel like I was the main entertainment.

After the wedding, sitting on a beach in Hawaii reflecting on the day, we both said that our favourite moment was our first dance, another feared moment! Dancing a whole 3 minutes (naturally out of time with the music!) with everyone watching seemed really daunting but actually it was a real highlight.

I hope that my words of advice to our spring bride has settled her nerves – we’re sure the glass of bubbly in the morning will help too!

How will you calm your wedding day nerves? We’d love to hear from you.

Joanne  x