Don’t miss Joanne’s wedding advice featured in the January 2014 edition of Your Kent Wedding.

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She gives you her top tips for planning the perfect day including advice on dealing with difficult relatives and making sure you’ve got a timed wedding plan worthy of a professional! You can download the magazine direct from County Wedding Magazines.

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If you are on a tight wedding budget one way to make the most of your hard earned cash is to go second-hand. And now thanks to Sell My Wedding, you can buy all manner of pre-loved wedding prettiness at a fraction of the normal cost. The online wedding marketplace has everything you could possibly need for your big day, from your dress to dressing your venue, all at bargain prices.

We love this website as buying some items second-hand, especially decorative items, can make a huge difference to your overall budget, leaving you more money to spend on the all important stuff like staffing, catering and photography.

So whizz over and take a look at what’s available. And then, best of all, once you’ve had your wedding you can go back and sell everything all over again. Be warned though if you’re anything like us you’ll be totally addicted after your first look!


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Images from Sell My Wedding by Simon Kench Photography


Right Ok, we’ve had a bit of sun but NOT nearly enough so we’re taking inspiration today from the lovely team over at Bellaboo and Beau, who have given us some really cute ideas to share about making your wedding sunny no matter the weather. So with a stiff upper lip, get collecting your tin cans and set about making your wedding the brightest one ever.



The styling was all part of Belles Events wedding fair down in Worthing. If you’re planning a vintage wedding the fairs are a great starting point. Shoot Styling team:

Jenny from Bellaboo & Beau
Paula and Michael from Draped
Donna from Fabulous Floras
Bubblegum Balloons

To say planning a wedding is a bit stressful is a complete understatement and we guarantee there’ll be a few moments in the process when you start to panic. So kick back, relax and watch other people muddle through their wedding plans. It’ll make you feel a whole lot better and you might just learn something into the bargain….

1. Bridesmaids

Get the girls round, crack open a bottle of vino and watch women behaving badly with tears, tantrums, romance and a cracking tune by Wilson Phillips. With a major competition raging between the maid of honor and a bridesmaid over who is the bride’s best friend and some hilarious toe curling scenes, each and every one of you will recognise a little bit of yourself in one of these ladies – but is that a good or a bad thing…..

Credit: Universal Pictures

2. Sex and the City

This film is perfect for reminding you that although a fabulous designer dress and high society guest list might be every girls dream, making sure you and your Groom are on the same wedding page is paramount. Although Carrie never married Mr Big in that Vivienne Westwood gown, we got to revel in the gorgeousness of it all and knew there’d be a happy ending before long.

satc wedding the_wedding_dolls 56060602477979672

Credit: New Line Cinema

3. Muriel’s Wedding

A personal all time favourite. Toni Collette stars as the quirky Muriel who’s on the look out for love and to give her life a bit of excitement along the way. The mostly ABBA soundtrack means you can sing along as Muriel plans her big day Aussie style. It’s a good reminder that being true to yourself and your style on your wedding day means you’ll have everyone hailing you as the “Dancing Queen” as well as giving them a wedding to remember.

Credit: Miramax Films

4. Father of the Bride

A true wedding movie classic, the star of this film is definitely Franck, the wedding planner and then some, played brilliantly by Martin Short. Although the film doesn’t do much to dispel the wedding planner stereotype we can’t help but love Franck and the sweet storyline between the Father of the Bride and his family. Perfect in the run up to Father’s Day when it’s great to remember that those who love you the most should play an important part in your big day.

Credit: Touchstone

5. Bride Wars

Starring Ann Hathaway and Kate Hudson, the real stars of the show are the fabulous outfits, the over the top wedding style and the Bridezilla proportion outbursts. This film concentrates on two friends who end up planning their weddings for the same date. Cue cat fighting like you’ve never seen before. The lesson here is that measuring your wedding up against someone else’s is never a clever idea. No two weddings are the same and that’s a good thing. Find your own way and don’t be tempted to steal your best friends wedding contact book – you’ll do much better on your own. We promise.

Credit: 20th Century Fox

Happy Watching!

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In our third part of our dream job series today with chat with Bridal Boutique Manager at Go Bridal, Lola Sands. Lola’s entry into wedding world was a unique one so let’s find out more….

How did you get your dream wedding  job?

Quite by accident! I worked as a Customer Services Manager for a large department store and then after an early mid-life crisis, I ran away to sea! I worked in promotions on a cruise liner for a while and then I wasn’t really sure what to do. I came across a sign in the window of The Pantiles Bride for an administration person and ended up becoming the Boutique’s manager before moving to their sister shop, Go Bridal.

Jenny Packham

How would you describe your boutiques style?

Go Bridal was once a house and is spread over three floors. It’s a tardis and many Brides comment on how deceptive it’s appearance is from the outside. We have a very relaxed atmosphere with scented candles and soft music and a turquoise and silver colour scheme. We have gowns to cater for every budget, style and size.

What personality traits do you need to be a good wedding dress stylist?

Firstly the love of all things bridal and sparkly! Being really patient and organised is a must – a fitting room full of excitable girls do occasionally need to concentrate on the task in hand if they are going to end up with the dress of their dreams! It’s also important to really listen to your customer as she will give you the clues you need to help you suggest the perfect dress.

Augusta Jones

Augusta Jones

What are the best and worst parts of your job?

The best part is helping to find that special gown for the most important day of a girls life! There aren’t too many downsides but dealing with high expectations and tight deadlines can be quite stressful.

What is your best piece of business advice to aspiring Boutique Stylists?

That it’s not all “dress-up” and drinking champagne! There’s lots of administration and co-ordinating behind the scenes and really busy fitting days can be mega tiring.


Alan Hannah

What has been your best moment as a boutique stylist so far?

I’ve had many lovely moments with Brides over the years but the best feeling is always when a bride turns to you at the end of the appointment and says “I would never have picked this gown myself but you seemed to know instinctively what suited me”. It makes all the hard work worth it.

Thanks Lola for sharing your dream job with us. If you want to find out more about Dream Wedding Jobs here’s the series so far:

Part One: Wedding Photographer

Part Two: Wedding Planner

Part Three: Wedding Florist

Look out next week for the part five of our Dream Jobs series.

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Bridal Wear

In a new feature we’re bringing you one awesome shot from a wedding that really tells the story of the day. Our first is a beautiful image from the very gorgeous, Kerry Ann Duffy. Kerry tells us “I love taking beautiful photos but most of all I like to capture emotion and this photo gets me everytime I look at it. It was a beautiful moment shared between mother and daughter and I think it is so lovely.” So do we!


Happy Bank Holiday weekend!

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Now I don’t mean to be all miserable and moany but it’s bank holiday weekend and it’s NOT sunny, again. So you might as well look on the bright side and get some of those wedding jobs done and dusted while you’ve got the time. It’s not all bad news there’s shopping involved!

1. Wedding Day Music

Those nice people at Apple have made it all easy now to organise your music but I still haven’t got the hang of Genius or arranging my playlists. If like me you just rely on the shuffle button now is the time to get organised. If you’re using your iPod for background music during your wedding reception then sorting your playlists will be time well spent, especially if you don’t want your Best Man selecting the Grease Megamix to accompany you on your walk down the aisle.

Josh Spencer Photography

Josh Spencer Photography

2. Thank You Cards

Now this is very Grown Up. Your lovely guests will have come to your wedding, made your day perfect and very generously given you a gift. You need to say thank you and within a reasonable amount of time, i.e. before your first anniversary, for you to seem like polite and caring newlyweds. Ordering your Thank You cards and then writing the envelopes might seem overly organised but when you’re back to work and still trying to show everyone in the IT team your honeymoon tan you’ll be glad you did.

3. Your Wedding Seating Plan

Oooh this one is stressful! Nothing makes you want to go “arrggghhh” more than organising your table seating plan. If you’re at that stage and doing some wedding procrastinating then stop right there and just dive right in! Have a look at our previous post on hints and tips to make it easier. One.Less.Job.To.Do.Tick.

4. Wet Weather Contingency Plan

Now this might seem obvious given the reason you’re reading this but don’t let it escape your attention. Working out what will happen on your big day should the heavens open is a good way to spend half an hour. Things like buying Bridal party umbrellas, asking your venue where your garden drinks will be held if the lawn is soggy and can the hog-roast be cooked in the rain will need to be answered. Most wedding suppliers will be ready with the perfect solution but flag it up early to make sure you are happy with the response. Check out our hints and tips on rainy day wedding photography.

bride and groom with vintage steam train

Rebecca Douglas Photography

5. Shoe Shopping

I promised you shopping and shopping I will give you. Herein lies permission to spend all weekend hunting for the perfect Bridal shoe. Make like Carrie Bradshaw and do your shoe research as there is lots to consider; colour, shape, vintage or modern, heel size, peep toe or slingback and that’s just for starters. Buying your shoes in advance means you can wear them around the house to rid yourself of nasty wedding day blisters and you’ll need them for your last dress fitting to get your gown length right. Buying in advance makes you a shoe smart cookie.

Happy Planning Everyone!

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Featured Image by Rebecca Douglas


Today is the third part of our Dream Job series and we’re meeting Tracey aka Mrs Bouquet who loves all things flowers and floristry. Here’s the green fingered lady to tell us more…..


How did you become a Wedding Florist?

After working in London for 17 years, my kids arrived and I wanted a job I could fit around them. I always loved working in the garden and had one of those ‘light bulb’ moments! I enrolled in Hadlow College, which was amazing – it’s full of great teachers with great energy, knowledge and a passion for the craft. After four years of training I was ready to start out myself.

What’s your floristry style?

As a keen gardener I’m always inspired by garden flowers. The UK is fantastic for flowers as we have the changing seasons. My style is influenced by these factors and has an English Country Vintage vibe. I really love to push the boundries with flowers and colour to create beautiful bouquets and displays.


What makes a good florist?

Passion, creativity and colour confidence! You also need to be organised and work well under pressure. And don’t be scared to do something different – you usually produce your best work when you’re taken out of your comfort zone!

What’s the best and worst part of your job?

The best part is working with my clients to produce bespoke designs for them. I find the whole process really exciting, from the first consultation to the Wedding Day, it’s great to look back and see how everything has come together. I also love giving the Bride her bouquet – it’s that mix of being nervous and excited at the same time. The worst part is working in freezing conditions! Your workshop has to be cold so the flowers are kept at their optimum condition, but it does mean you end up pretty cold yourself!


What’s the three things most couple’s ask first?

Usually what flowers are available around their Wedding Day. I always make lots of recommendations on availability and then go through what they like and what they don’t like. The next is about visualising their flowers. It can be difficult to imagine what your flowers will look like on your Wedding Day so generally I create a mood board for my couples. The next is Colour. Most Brides pick just two colours but three can work so much better.

Top tips for making the “Big Day” run smoothly?

Remember to be flexible with flower choices and go with what’s in season as they are generally the best option and better value for money. Flowers are a natural product and not always available when needed so have an alternative option ready. Also don’t drive yourself nuts trying to get exact colour matches! The more shades you have the more natural and better it will look!

wedding flowers

What would be your advice to aspiring florists?

The hardest part of running a business is getting yourself out there. Keep networking, go to Wedding Fairs and ‘show off’ your work. You’ll start to be recommended and your business will take off. Be patient, it will happen! I can’t remember how many times I wanted to give it all up but I’m so glad I didn’t as I love what I do.

What’s been your best moment as a wedding Florist?

It’s always when I give a Bride her bouquet and they are so happy they burst into tears. It happens a lot and I usually end up crying too!


Thanks to Mrs B for answering all our questions and if you want to know more pop over and say hello – she’ll be pleased to see you!

Emma x


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If you’re an outdoorsy type that still loves your home comforts then this hen do is for you. The Original Hut Company and Pure Flavour Catering have teamed up to offer a perfect venue for a bit of adventure, and definitely some giggles, with a gang of your best hens.

The Original Hut Company runs a beautiful farm in the village of Bodiam, East Sussex, with gorgeous little unique huts where you can all stay and sleep under the stars. The huts are easily adapted from day to night with a day bed at one end, which easily converts to become bunk beds and the dining table at the other end folds down to make a double bed. There’s no need not to wash for the weekend either as you’ll find a hut with two loos, basins and piping hot showers. All huts are fully equipped with linen, outside furniture and have their own fire pit for cooking.

ImageGen.ashx hen party accommodation_the_wedding_dolls hen party accommodation_the_wedding_dolls1 hen party accommodation_the_wedding_dolls4 hen party accommodation_the_wedding_dolls5 hen party accommodation_the_wedding_dolls2

If you’re unable to cook little more than a tin of beans without the aid of a microwave or simply don’t fancy doing your own cooking, then this is where Pure Flavour comes in. The very lovely chef, Emma Howitt, will arrange with you perfect meals for the weekend with a host of scrumptious home-made cooking and local produce on offer. Hampers are also available for arrival and during the weekend so you can eat like Camping Queens.


The farm is just a stones throw from loads of activities, including Go Ape at Bedgebury and a host of local pubs within walking distance if you want to burn off some of that gorgeous food, or just make room for another Vodka & Coke.

Super friendly, Anna, at The Original Hut Company will be there to help you with any questions you have, all that’s left to decide now is who gets the top bunk!

Are you doing something different for your hen do? We’d love to hear about it.

Happy Hen Planning,

wedding planner Kent


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Hen Parties

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding chances are you’ll be needing a marquee or tent and you’re in luck as our very lovely neighbours (well two little roads away) at LPM Bohemia can help you with all of them!

From Vintage and Traditional Canvas Pole TentsIndian Marquees, to more contemporary Party Marquees, as well as Yurts and the eye-popping Grand Pavilion, they’ve got it covered for you.

Alongside hiring your tent the really friendly team will also help with furniture, dance floors, lighting and decor. There’s simply a huge range to choose from and lots of the tents can be joined together so you can get the perfect look alongside the functionality you need. Plus you could opt for letting your guests stay over for a bit of late night partying in Bell Tents and Yurts.

For some of you though decorating a tent or marquee can feel like a daunting prospect. It’s a huge blank canvas to work with, but with some of the new interior linings available it will make it that little bit easier and you’ll have a stunning and unique place for your wedding day.

LPM-Bohemia linings LPM-Bohemia_Blue-Int-with-r traditional slider-traditional-lining2 grand-pavilion grand-pavilion2 party-marquee yurt the_wedding_dolls_marquee_yurt_tent belltent belltent2

Are you planning an outdoor wedding? What type of tent will you be hiring?

Happy Planning!

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Images all from LPM Bohemia