When you’re on a budget there’s nothing like a bit of doubling up to save some a few pounds. That’s why we’ve been paying close attention to the new trend of cupcake centrepieces. Not only do they look pretty whilst dinner is served but then come apart to give your guests their dessert. We’ve seen plenty of them come out of the States but are still yet to be convinced. I’m not sure I would make it to dinner if these were in front of me and they’d never last on the kids table! Plus we’ve yet to find a supplier here in Kent that does them.

But if you do fancy an edible centrepiece then there’s some great inspiration to be had from sweet table suppliers such as these centrepieces made from lollipops. Great for a circus or carnival theme!

A firm favourite though are these lovely mini strawberry plants in a jar. Really pretty for a summer Kent garden theme.

If you’re thinking of having edible wedding centrepieces or have tried and tested them let us know!