January is definitely a month of cutting back on the food portions here at Wedding Dolls HQ so we can fit back into our Spring wedding outfits sharpish. So if like us, you’re on any kind of enforced diet then look away now. Well actually don’t because otherwise you’ll miss the completely new and fantastic business that is Cripes It’s Crepes.

Husband and wife team, Martin and Lindsey, with chef Steven, are cooking up a storm from their vintage Citroën H Van called Bertie, who helps them serve up delicious crepes in loads of fantastic flavours. There’s sweet and savoury on the menu including the lush sounding goats cheese, land cress and sweet onion chutney to my personal favourite sweet option of banana and nutella.

The van is definitely a unique way to feed your guests with lots of fun thrown in. Bertie will be fantastic for barn, festival and vintage weddings. There’s a bit more info on the leaflet below or click through to their website for lots more on Bertie.




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