Chances are organising a wedding is your first dip into the party planning pool so no doubt it will seem a bit daunting. But fear not, here’s 8 easy ways to become “Little Miss Organised” and get your planning as near to damn perfect as it can be.

1. You’ve Got Mail

Setting up a new email account is a great way to separate your wedding planning from the rest of your life. You can easily save quotes, keep track of supplier questions, sign up to wedding blogs and other wedding marketing emails as well as manage diary dates for wedding fairs and special offers etc. This way you won’t be reminded of your impending nuptials every time you check your email for the latest deals at Topshop. Plus all wedding related mail can be sorted into handy folders for extra planning bonus points.

2. Box Me Clever

If like me, you’re a leaflet hoarder (I at least have a professional reason for this ….) you will soon find this quadruples during your first few months of wedding planning. If you want to avoid spending at least an hour a week searching for “the card for the singer I saw at Bluewater” get a box and put every leaflet in there as soon as you return home. Don’t get all OCD and try and file everything in alphabetical order, that will just send you nuts.

3. Do the Math

Having a budget in mind will give you a little bit more control over your planning and make it easier to organise. Draw up your budget planner early on and you’ll be searching for the right suppliers at the right price from the very beginning. And don’t be worried about telling suppliers what your budget is. Being all “secret squirrel” can be counter-productive and most suppliers will always try and cut you a good deal, especially if you can be flexible on dates.

4. Easy Style Guide

Finding inspiration and seeing things you like is one thing, putting it in some kind of order is completely another. Get yourself a Pinterest account and start pinning as if the very success of your wedding depended on it. Put the Pins into categories/styles and you’ll soon have little mood boards to organise your thoughts and likes. Once you’ve decided upon a style delete the pins you don’t need until you are left with one wedding board as your ultimate style guide. Your stress levels will thank you for it.

pinterest the_wedding_dolls

5. Tickety Boo

Organising a wedding is not something you do everyday, so be prepared for it to get stressful on occasion. Have set times to work on your plans each week so you get the balance right and minimise the stress. Give yourself a to-do list of no more than 3 items each week and tick them off as you go. You’ll be at your most productive in short bursts. As a couple try and organise a wedding meeting each month so both of you are clear on the decisions being made and what’s left to be done.

6. Research, Research, Research and then more Research

Once you’re off the starting blocks and have done your research TRY AND STOP. Limit yourself to using the odd lunch-break or the train journey home from work for a chance to do a bit of internet trawling and a quick flick through the wedding mags. Keep looking at more and more inspiration will just confuse you (as well as suck up hours of your time) and your carefully organised plans will go out of the window, again.

7. Don’t Paperchase

Once you have your suppliers and everything is booked, treat yourself and buy a gorgeous new notebook. Write down all your contacts in there and keep them with you. That way if you need to make a phone call or sort something out all your info is in one place. It’s a good idea to print off invoices and keep these close at hand so you can work out a diary schedule of the deposits and final payments. This is especially important if you’re saving as you go as these deadlines could be vital for a healthy bank balance.

Journal from Etsy

8. Plan It with a Pro

If you’re still struggling to get organised then why not speak to us about professional planning help. In just a short session we can help you organise your planning so you’re calm, collected and under control. Our Dolly Hours can really help in getting you on the right track, whether it’s finding suppliers, setting a schedule or just helping with your style guide, we’ll have you back in the planning game in next to no time!

Have you got any tips for getting organised? We’d love to hear them!

Emma x


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