Whenever we work at a wedding we always take our trusty Wedding Planner Pack with us. The pack has all manner of handy little things that we delve into with alarming regularity. So if you’ve not booking us to work on your wedding day *shame on you face* then you’ll need these 8 things waiting in the wings;

1. Snip It

No emergency pack is complete without scissors.You’ll need this to cut anything from your bunting that’s been tied up too tight, to the hair stuck in your Bridesmaids zip to the plastic tag that’s still hanging off your clutch bag.

2. Tissues

Crying always happens. But happily for all the right reasons. When Bridesmaids, your parents, assorted friends and Nanna George let the floodgates go they’ll all be needing tissues so your wedding photos don’t look like a scene from Carrie.

3. Wonder Wipe

Whoever invented baby wipes are quite frankly genius with a capital G. Set aside the obvious use on babies bottoms and you have a multi-purpose little gem that’ll get rid of just about anything from small stains on your dress to make-up and deodorant marks.

4. Get Drinking

Now before you go in search of the corkscrew and start knocking back the Prosecco we actually mean water. Mmm not as exciting as you thought but with a nervous top lip stuck to your teeth and wedding vowels to say out loud you’ll be needing some hydration. Task your Ushers to have a bottle of water handy for when you need it.

5. Give it Some Gloss

Remember to tuck your lip gloss in your bag so you can keep reapplying. A handy little pot of Vaseline is always good to for a quick swipe of lip shine without needing a mirror to do a perfect job.

6. Plaster Over the Cracks

Blisters are no fun on your wedding day. Take plenty of plasters so you can dance the night about without hobbling around on your honeymoon.

7. Rescue Remedy

Joanne swears by this stuff to stop those nerves. Get it from your local chemist and take just before the nerves kick in. Personally I’ll go back to number 4 and add a whiskey to the water…..

8. Sew it Up

Pop in your bag a needle and some thread (black and white). Ushers zips always seem to break (what do they do to them….) and usually they’re wearing bright blue pants underneath. Get Auntie Sue to sew them back up in a jiffy with your handy little sewing kit.

Happy Planning!

Emma x


Main Feature Image: Shooting Hip


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