It’s not every day I get excited about a train. Well actually I’ve never got excited about a train until now. I’ve been chatting with the lovely Russell of Lake and Land Train Hire who has a super cute land train that can be hired for weddings and events.

wedding train_ the wedding dolls

Russell tells me “the train is fully road legal so it can go on public highway” (you just need to get a vehicle special order) meaning you can get guests from Church to reception in the most fun and unique way ever. The Land Train has two carriages which can seat around 36 passengers.

The cost of hire is £1995 for one day with an additional £900 for an extra day. This cost includes delivery, all fuel, insurance and a qualified Driver plus your very own Conductor. The cost is slightly less if you just need one carriage. For a full quote email the man himself at

Happy Planning!

Emma x



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So most of our lovely blog readers will know by now that we were at the Wedding Fair, Bluewater a few weeks ago and were awestruck by just how many of you have a secret desire to be a wedding planner. Now we know what a fabulous job it is but we also know just how hard it is to establish yourself in a very competitive industry. So whilst we can’t profess to know the best route to achieving your dream job, to help those of you out there who want to get into the wonderful world of weddings, here are our top tips.

1. Get some experience

Easier said than done I know. Between myself and Joanne we have nearly 20 years experience working at and managing events (god that makes us sound ancient) but experience is what counts. You’ll always learn with every event you do but the basics will give you a good idea as to what it takes. We would love to be able to give work experience to everyone that asks, but as a small business our time is spent directly with clients or doing really boring admin stuff. See tip 4!

We have two wedding assistants that work with us when we need an extra pair of hands, and we have spent time and lots of energy training them for exactly what we need. Most small companies will be the same but it doesn’t mean you can’t get good experience elsewhere. See tip 2!


Joanne at Hever Castle

2.Look for alternatives

From jobs in catering, to floristry and window dressing we both had Saturday jobs that filled our passion for creativity and fuelled our desire to work in marketing and events. Going straight in as a wedding planner might not be an option but waitressing or working behind a bar can give you a basic insight into customer behaviour, what makes a good party and how to deal with the demands of a busy crowd.

3. Paid Experience Counts

Lots of you have the wedding planning bug from organising your own wedding and its a great start on the experience ladder. However paying clients will tell you exactly where you’ve gone wrong, one of your own wedding guests is unlikely too.

4. You’ll have to learn how to run your own business

This means delving the murky depths of excel spreadsheets, invoicing, the dreaded HMRC and managing sales projections and expenses claims. You’ll also need basic marketing, SEO and PR skills, lots of creativity and live in the knowledge that you won’t be earning enough to buy a Mulberry handbag each payslip for the foreseeable future.




5. Start talking

You will need the major desire to tell everyone about your business at every opportunity you get. Bar staff, the gym instructor, your hairdresser (very important) the sales assistant in Topshop, Mrs Goggins at the Post Office and the delivery blokes from Ocado are just the tip of the iceberg. So when I say everyone I really do mean everyone. You’ll need to spread the word far and wide.

6. Try before you buy

You won’t be able to afford to hire in services to begin with so until you earn enough to be able to pay a professional to do the bits you can’t, you’ll have to do it yourself, learn as you go and die trying. Quick it isn’t.

All we can say really is don’t give up. There are so many brilliant suppliers who we work with who have struggled to establish their businesses and like any other industry there really is no quick route or substitute to experience and good old fashioned hard work.

If you want more info about being a wedding planner than read Joannes interview here.

Good luck and let us know how you get on!

Emma x



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Wedding Planning

Whenever we work at a wedding we always take our trusty Wedding Planner Pack with us. The pack has all manner of handy little things that we delve into with alarming regularity. So if you’ve not booking us to work on your wedding day *shame on you face* then you’ll need these 8 things waiting in the wings;

1. Snip It

No emergency pack is complete without scissors.You’ll need this to cut anything from your bunting that’s been tied up too tight, to the hair stuck in your Bridesmaids zip to the plastic tag that’s still hanging off your clutch bag.

2. Tissues

Crying always happens. But happily for all the right reasons. When Bridesmaids, your parents, assorted friends and Nanna George let the floodgates go they’ll all be needing tissues so your wedding photos don’t look like a scene from Carrie.

3. Wonder Wipe

Whoever invented baby wipes are quite frankly genius with a capital G. Set aside the obvious use on babies bottoms and you have a multi-purpose little gem that’ll get rid of just about anything from small stains on your dress to make-up and deodorant marks.

4. Get Drinking

Now before you go in search of the corkscrew and start knocking back the Prosecco we actually mean water. Mmm not as exciting as you thought but with a nervous top lip stuck to your teeth and wedding vowels to say out loud you’ll be needing some hydration. Task your Ushers to have a bottle of water handy for when you need it.

5. Give it Some Gloss

Remember to tuck your lip gloss in your bag so you can keep reapplying. A handy little pot of Vaseline is always good to for a quick swipe of lip shine without needing a mirror to do a perfect job.

6. Plaster Over the Cracks

Blisters are no fun on your wedding day. Take plenty of plasters so you can dance the night about without hobbling around on your honeymoon.

7. Rescue Remedy

Joanne swears by this stuff to stop those nerves. Get it from your local chemist and take just before the nerves kick in. Personally I’ll go back to number 4 and add a whiskey to the water…..

8. Sew it Up

Pop in your bag a needle and some thread (black and white). Ushers zips always seem to break (what do they do to them….) and usually they’re wearing bright blue pants underneath. Get Auntie Sue to sew them back up in a jiffy with your handy little sewing kit.

Happy Planning!

Emma x


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Wedding Planning