Now with the Oscars coming up at the weekend most people will be glued to the dresses on the red carpet but I turn straight to the bit in the news coverage that tells me what’s in the post party goodie bag. Now it might be my shallow side or my hours spent shopping for ideal corporate gifts to give clients to trundle home on the train with, but I’m still a little obsessed by what you can put into goodie bags and their value to your guests.

One Hungry Mama

Now your wedding guests might not be rocking an Oscar and you’re not going to have a budget of $10,000 a pop but giving them a little goodie bag at your wedding is a really lovely way to add some fun (and thought) into your day. Favours have always traditionally done the ‘goodie bag gift’ but try turning it on it’s head and thinking about what your guests will need, and when, and you can transform the favour forever.

Many a time you’ve been a guest at a wedding and stood at the Church, starving and thirsty waiting for the photographs to be done so you can leg it back to the reception to grab a glass of bubbles. So suggestions for a little goodie bag, given out by your Ushers after the Church service, could include a personalised little bottle of water, some juice bottles, a wrapped biscuit or cookie or even an apple with personalised sticker. It’ll keep your guests grumbling stomachs at bay and show that you’ve thought about them whilst you’re having your red carpet moment.

Flower biscuit

Little Boutique Bakery

Or if your guests have travelled a long way have some jugs of water, with cucumber ribbons and lemon, plus some personalised mints on arrival at the Church along with their Order of Service. A little pack of colouring pens and notepaper will also be appreciated for little guests (and their parents) at this point too.

Another fab idea is to put some toiletries in the Bathrooms including deodorant, body spray, baby wipes, Chap Sticks and feet soothers that guests can take when they need them. Or for all out comfort try flip flops for your guests in the summer and some blankets for the evening when the summer chill takes hold.

Encore Bride

These gifts throughout the day will mean all the little needs of your guests are taken care of and when you’re ready to do your Oscar winning speech they’ll be there clapping wildly as your biggest fans.

Have you done something similar for your wedding? If so we’d love to get your ideas?



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