If you’re planning an outdoor wedding chances are you’ll be needing a marquee or tent and you’re in luck as our very lovely neighbours (well two little roads away) at LPM Bohemia can help you with all of them!

From Vintage and Traditional Canvas Pole TentsIndian Marquees, to more contemporary Party Marquees, as well as Yurts and the eye-popping Grand Pavilion, they’ve got it covered for you.

Alongside hiring your tent the really friendly team will also help with furniture, dance floors, lighting and decor. There’s simply a huge range to choose from and lots of the tents can be joined together so you can get the perfect look alongside the functionality you need. Plus you could opt for letting your guests stay over for a bit of late night partying in Bell Tents and Yurts.

For some of you though decorating a tent or marquee can feel like a daunting prospect. It’s a huge blank canvas to work with, but with some of the new interior linings available it will make it that little bit easier and you’ll have a stunning and unique place for your wedding day.

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Are you planning an outdoor wedding? What type of tent will you be hiring?

Happy Planning!

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Images all from LPM Bohemia

This week has been eventful at Wedding Dolls HQ. Good news is that we are full steam ahead with the final planning of our first wedding of 2012 next Saturday. Philippa and Billy are a fantastic couple and we can’t wait to see all the plans come together next week. See their English Country Wedding inspiration board for a sneak peek of what’s to come.


In the run up to the big day there are always last-minute nerves which Joanne tackled in our series of wedding planning lessons: The Fear Factor. If you have the wedding jitters it might just help!

We have also featured a great supplier with the spotlight on Irene & Jenny, who make beautiful jewellery from your most valued pieces. There was also a spot of shopping when we found six of the best high street hotpants for your honeymoon wardrobe.

However it’s not been plain sailing this week as I managed to make a bit of a mess of my hand when a pot broke whilst I was washing up. A trip to the hospital and an operation later I discovered I’d cut through two tendons which puts me in a hand splint for 8 weeks at least. Not good. It’s made me realise just how many things become impossible when you only have one hand such as shoelaces and ponytails. Just when I was getting the hang of my bun ring as well! See our Buns & Roses Wedding Hair post. Typing is also a slow process and there was major panic and hyperventilating last night when it dawned on me that I couldn’t use the corkscrew…..

However all things considered I was lucky it wasn’t worse and for me it’s only temporary. I will however look on in new-found wonder at all those people with disabilities, who simply just get on with life and make things better for others along the way. Amazing.

Enjoy your Sunday and be careful with that washing up!

Emma x

P.S. Look out this week for our final countdown planning post, a spotlight on two fabulous Kent wedding suppliers and our quick guide to vintage weddings.

This week has been busy busy busy. We have been making final arrangements for Philippa and Billy who are getting married next month.  Ekkkk the final countdown begins.

Philippa asked the Wedding Dolls to help with the partial planning of her wedding when the stress of organising it, plus fitting in her job as a midwife, was getting a bit too much. With the wedding day now in sight and our couple still busy at work, there are lots of final details to arrange.

The style of the wedding is a vintage English Garden Party which will be held at Philippas’ sisters home, a stunning house which was originally an old hunting lodge. The garden is fantastic and the perfect place for the marquee where the reception will be held after a church ceremony close by.

All 80 guests have confirmed food choices directly to us over the last few weeks meaning the bride and groom have not had to deal with managing spreadsheets or missing orders!  All details were then confirmed to the caterers, Gastro Catering, and now the couple just need to work out their table plan and enjoy a wine tasting day in France. Perks of the job.

The floor plan has been finalised with marquee company, Carron Marquees, who have drawn this to scale so we can see exactly how it will look on the day. Getting a scaled drawing is really important so everyone is clear on the day where things need to go and no mistakes have been made with seating arrangements.

Last week we had a final site visit where we talked through details of the venue set up including lighting in the garden, toilets and parking arrangements. So glamorous!

In these last few weeks we have been in regular contact with Philippa, who calls us whenever she needs advice. Philippa says “some of the last-minute things I have talked to the Wedding Dolls about include hair trials, table planning and keeping the flower girls happy during the wedding breakfast. Nothing if not varied!

Jo has been fantastic and always has an answer to my questions as well as listening to some of my worries. I didn’t realise how stressful planning a wedding at home would be – it definitely seemed like an easy option at the time! But since Jo has been onboard everything has just started to fall into place and now I am really looking forward to the big day – especially knowing the Wedding Dolls will be there to make sure everything runs smoothly.”

With no rest for the wicked next week we will be finalising the photography brief, proofing the band and song list for print and confirming church seating arrangements. Plus we will be working out the three day set-up plan for the marquee and the decor, as well as doing all those last-minute bits of exciting wedding prep!

Happy planning x

Image Credit: Josh Spencer Photography