If your budget is tight but you still want to splurge on a gorgeous pair of shoes then you’re in luck. Stunning shoe designer, Aruna Seth, currently have a sale on selected wedding pretty. Take a look at some of the range here and the savings you can make on the sale shoes. You decide spend or save!



Bon Bon in Ivory Satin, £595


Farfalla in Ivory Satin, £595


Orfea in Ivory Satin, Was £510.00 NOW £306.00


Elizabeth in Ivory Satin with Swarovski, £635.00

Sherri in Ivory Chantilly Lace, Was £595.00 NOW £357.00


Sherri in Ivory Satin with Chantilly Lace, Was £535.00 NOW £267.50

Happy Shopping!

Emma x


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Bridal Wear

Styling your wedding always causes a few tears or tantrums somewhere along the way. So today on the blog we’re happy to share with you a fab company, Scene Setter, who might solve your style on the way to the aisle issues.

With their unique products you can quickly and easily find props for your big day which are quirky and fun. Take a look…….

urban chalk sign wedding SS_H_Chalk sign SS_H_chal_sign close SS_302_hair on plinths SS_301_beards on plinths SS_300_Mr and Mrs SS_240_stand SS_238_stand SS_153_Love_sequin SS_081_Dream_sandwich board SS_068_Hazy_sign_chair SS_055_chalk_signs_chair SS_045_Text_Mr and Mrs copy SS_042_Theatrical_love SS_028_1_swept love_sequin SS_024_Theatrical_love SS_13_Theatrical_love SS_006_clasic_signs SS_005_Fun Signs SS_002_Lazyhazy_Signs SS_001_Chalk_Signs sign scene shots Scene Setter 169 Scene Setter 193 Scene Setter 189 Scene Setter 159 Scene Setter 156 Scene Setter 152 Scene Setter 131 Scene Setter 122 Scene Setter 105 Scene Setter 084 Scaled Theat M Scaled Text M Scaled Text L Scaled Teheat L Room sand urban mr and mrs text garden mr and mrs text bench hazy party sign Frame extra big

All The Wedding Dolls readers will receive 10% off any orders made until the end of August 2013. Just include the discount code WEDDOLL at the checkout.

*Please note that the DIY (Style It Yourself) products are not part of the discount offer.

Happy Planning!

Emma x

On your wedding day there’ll be loads of things you need to do but then there are just some things better left to someone else. Here’s our top five things you can’t do on your big day……

1. Not be the centre of attention

No-one likes a show-off, except when it’s your wedding day. Then you’re allowed. Well actually it’s sort of expected. Everyone is there to see you. What you’re wearing, what you’re saying, whether you’re smiling or crying. All the details are crowd pleasers and then some. However if you’re normally a little shy then believe us when we tell you that on your wedding day you’ll be mighty miffed if all eyes aren’t on you. We can guarantee it.

2. Wear uncomfortable shoes

I wrote this part safe in the knowledge that no right minded female would want to hobble about on her wedding day, desperate to sit down and take her shoes off. However it seems I could be completely wrong. Joanne’s opinion is “who cares if your feet hurt when you’re wearing Jimmy Choos”. Indeed. So if you’re throwing caution to the wind and wearing shoes to die for just have a comfy pair on standby.


3. Be the Wedding Co-Ordinator

“Ermm we have a problem’ is not words you want someone to utter to you on your wedding day, especially if you’re trying to manage it all on your own. If you have lots of DIY elements to bring together then think about hiring in a professional. Now this seems an obvious plug for our “Dolly on the Day” service but we really believe it is essential if you don’t want to be playing the role of ringmaster while posing for your wedding pics. Being as relaxed and stress free as possible is key to having a great day. Trying to squeeze in lots of little jobs just won’t be possible. Pull your wedding day job list together as soon as you can and be realistic about what you can manage to do without extra help.

4. First Kiss Cringe

Now it’s a wedding so everyone is expecting romance and the odd PDA but toes will be curling if your first kiss is, shall we say, intimate. Save that for later….much later. Just think “Royal Wedding Balcony kiss” and you’ll be on the money.

5. Leave your hair & make-up trial until the morning of the wedding

Always, always, always have your hair and make-up trial well before the wedding. You might think you only want simple make-up but once you’re in your wedding finery your “Saturday night pub” look just might not make the grade. By then it’s too late to do anything about it. A trial with a professional will be money well spent and save any stress on the morning of your wedding. Your wedding photo’s will be there forever – do you really want to look at them thinking you could have done with a bit more concealer? No.

Happy Planning!

Emma. x

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Wedding Planning

Right Ok, we’ve had a bit of sun but NOT nearly enough so we’re taking inspiration today from the lovely team over at Bellaboo and Beau, who have given us some really cute ideas to share about making your wedding sunny no matter the weather. So with a stiff upper lip, get collecting your tin cans and set about making your wedding the brightest one ever.



The styling was all part of Belles Events wedding fair down in Worthing. If you’re planning a vintage wedding the fairs are a great starting point. Shoot Styling team:

Jenny from Bellaboo & Beau
Paula and Michael from Draped
Donna from Fabulous Floras
Bubblegum Balloons

It always happens. You’ve got the Wedding of the Year to go to and absolutely NOTHING to wear. Kitting yourself out for weddings can cost a small fortune but we’ve found a way to bag a head turning designer dress at a snip of the normal price.

Wish Want Wear are an online designer dress hire company where you can get the likes of Missoni, Temperley, Sass & Bide and Chanel  for bargain prices. Simply order the dress you want, select your size (plus a free alternative) and then they’ll post it to you. Wear, receive loads of compliments and then post it back. What’s not to love.

We’ve got a special offer of 15% off for our lovely blog readers until the end of June. Simply use the voucher code WEDDOLLS15 at the checkout.

M-MISSONI_MAGGIE-MINI-(4)the-wedding-dolls Kent-planner JUST CAVALLI_PALM PRINT MINI (11)the-wedding-dolls Kent-planner BADGELY MISCHKA_Bordeaux gown (3)the-wedding-dolls Kent-planner BADGELY MISCHKA_Bordeaux gown (8)the-wedding-dolls Kent-planner CATHERINE DEAN Mercia gown (2)the-wedding-dolls Kent-planner CATHERINE DEAN Mercia gown (9)the-wedding-dolls Kent-planner JOVANI_VIOLETTA-GOWN-(1)the-wedding-dolls Kent-planner JOVANI_VIOLETTA-GOWN-(19)the-wedding-dolls Kent-planner Jovani-(JOV)_COSMO-GOWN-(1)the-wedding-dolls Kent-planner Jovani-(JOV)_COSMO-GOWN-(16)the-wedding-dolls Kent-planner M-MISSONI_MIA-DRESS-(1)the-wedding-dolls Kent-planner M-MISSONI_MIA-DRESS-(15)the-wedding-dolls Kent-planner NICOLE MILLER Jinx gown (4)the-wedding-dolls Kent-planner NICOLE MILLER Jinx gown (9)the-wedding-dolls Kent-planner RACHEL GILBERT Sonya gown (3)the-wedding-dolls Kent-planner RACHEL GILBERT Sonya gown (11)the-wedding-dolls Kent-planner TEMPERLEY Deco dreaming gown (3)the-wedding-dolls Kent-planner TEMPERLEY Deco dreaming gown (12)the-wedding-dolls Kent-planner

Happy Shopping!

wedding planner Kent




P.S Don’t forget to let us know which one you wore!

If you need something to look forward to then get your diaries ready and make sure you don’t miss “A Gloriously Vintage Day Out and Wedding Fair” on Sunday 12th May 2013.


Held at Mount Ephraim, a fabulous Edwardian Country House near Faversham, this fantastic day out is a must for all vintage wedding fans. The “Just Say I do” vintage wedding section includes cake makers, photographers, florists, event stylists and a range of beautiful wedding dresses to keep any Bride happy plus there will be a “Make, do and mend!” craft area for anyone eager to try their hand at DIYing their wedding.

For “A little of what you fancy”, the retro section has home wares and clothing, 

plus outside in the “Mustard & Cress” area you can treat yourself to all kinds of delicious offerings from vintage ice-cream suppliers and sweet stalls set amongst retro caravans and cars. And take the kids along as there’ll be free entertainment all day to keep them happy.

The fun kicks off  from 11am and will swing on in true vintage style until 5pm.

Click here for more info.

Chances are organising a wedding is your first dip into the party planning pool so no doubt it will seem a bit daunting. But fear not, here’s 8 easy ways to become “Little Miss Organised” and get your planning as near to damn perfect as it can be.

1. You’ve Got Mail

Setting up a new email account is a great way to separate your wedding planning from the rest of your life. You can easily save quotes, keep track of supplier questions, sign up to wedding blogs and other wedding marketing emails as well as manage diary dates for wedding fairs and special offers etc. This way you won’t be reminded of your impending nuptials every time you check your email for the latest deals at Topshop. Plus all wedding related mail can be sorted into handy folders for extra planning bonus points.

2. Box Me Clever

If like me, you’re a leaflet hoarder (I at least have a professional reason for this ….) you will soon find this quadruples during your first few months of wedding planning. If you want to avoid spending at least an hour a week searching for “the card for the singer I saw at Bluewater” get a box and put every leaflet in there as soon as you return home. Don’t get all OCD and try and file everything in alphabetical order, that will just send you nuts.

3. Do the Math

Having a budget in mind will give you a little bit more control over your planning and make it easier to organise. Draw up your budget planner early on and you’ll be searching for the right suppliers at the right price from the very beginning. And don’t be worried about telling suppliers what your budget is. Being all “secret squirrel” can be counter-productive and most suppliers will always try and cut you a good deal, especially if you can be flexible on dates.

4. Easy Style Guide

Finding inspiration and seeing things you like is one thing, putting it in some kind of order is completely another. Get yourself a Pinterest account and start pinning as if the very success of your wedding depended on it. Put the Pins into categories/styles and you’ll soon have little mood boards to organise your thoughts and likes. Once you’ve decided upon a style delete the pins you don’t need until you are left with one wedding board as your ultimate style guide. Your stress levels will thank you for it.

pinterest the_wedding_dolls

5. Tickety Boo

Organising a wedding is not something you do everyday, so be prepared for it to get stressful on occasion. Have set times to work on your plans each week so you get the balance right and minimise the stress. Give yourself a to-do list of no more than 3 items each week and tick them off as you go. You’ll be at your most productive in short bursts. As a couple try and organise a wedding meeting each month so both of you are clear on the decisions being made and what’s left to be done.

6. Research, Research, Research and then more Research

Once you’re off the starting blocks and have done your research TRY AND STOP. Limit yourself to using the odd lunch-break or the train journey home from work for a chance to do a bit of internet trawling and a quick flick through the wedding mags. Keep looking at more and more inspiration will just confuse you (as well as suck up hours of your time) and your carefully organised plans will go out of the window, again.

7. Don’t Paperchase

Once you have your suppliers and everything is booked, treat yourself and buy a gorgeous new notebook. Write down all your contacts in there and keep them with you. That way if you need to make a phone call or sort something out all your info is in one place. It’s a good idea to print off invoices and keep these close at hand so you can work out a diary schedule of the deposits and final payments. This is especially important if you’re saving as you go as these deadlines could be vital for a healthy bank balance.

Journal from Etsy

8. Plan It with a Pro

If you’re still struggling to get organised then why not speak to us about professional planning help. In just a short session we can help you organise your planning so you’re calm, collected and under control. Our Dolly Hours can really help in getting you on the right track, whether it’s finding suppliers, setting a schedule or just helping with your style guide, we’ll have you back in the planning game in next to no time!

Have you got any tips for getting organised? We’d love to hear them!

Emma x


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