To say planning a wedding is a bit stressful is a complete understatement and we guarantee there’ll be a few moments in the process when you start to panic. So kick back, relax and watch other people muddle through their wedding plans. It’ll make you feel a whole lot better and you might just learn something into the bargain….

1. Bridesmaids

Get the girls round, crack open a bottle of vino and watch women behaving badly with tears, tantrums, romance and a cracking tune by Wilson Phillips. With a major competition raging between the maid of honor and a bridesmaid over who is the bride’s best friend and some hilarious toe curling scenes, each and every one of you will recognise a little bit of yourself in one of these ladies – but is that a good or a bad thing…..

Credit: Universal Pictures

2. Sex and the City

This film is perfect for reminding you that although a fabulous designer dress and high society guest list might be every girls dream, making sure you and your Groom are on the same wedding page is paramount. Although Carrie never married Mr Big in that Vivienne Westwood gown, we got to revel in the gorgeousness of it all and knew there’d be a happy ending before long.

satc wedding the_wedding_dolls 56060602477979672

Credit: New Line Cinema

3. Muriel’s Wedding

A personal all time favourite. Toni Collette stars as the quirky Muriel who’s on the look out for love and to give her life a bit of excitement along the way. The mostly ABBA soundtrack means you can sing along as Muriel plans her big day Aussie style. It’s a good reminder that being true to yourself and your style on your wedding day means you’ll have everyone hailing you as the “Dancing Queen” as well as giving them a wedding to remember.

Credit: Miramax Films

4. Father of the Bride

A true wedding movie classic, the star of this film is definitely Franck, the wedding planner and then some, played brilliantly by Martin Short. Although the film doesn’t do much to dispel the wedding planner stereotype we can’t help but love Franck and the sweet storyline between the Father of the Bride and his family. Perfect in the run up to Father’s Day when it’s great to remember that those who love you the most should play an important part in your big day.

Credit: Touchstone

5. Bride Wars

Starring Ann Hathaway and Kate Hudson, the real stars of the show are the fabulous outfits, the over the top wedding style and the Bridezilla proportion outbursts. This film concentrates on two friends who end up planning their weddings for the same date. Cue cat fighting like you’ve never seen before. The lesson here is that measuring your wedding up against someone else’s is never a clever idea. No two weddings are the same and that’s a good thing. Find your own way and don’t be tempted to steal your best friends wedding contact book – you’ll do much better on your own. We promise.

Credit: 20th Century Fox

Happy Watching!

Emma x

In our third part of our dream job series today with chat with Bridal Boutique Manager at Go Bridal, Lola Sands. Lola’s entry into wedding world was a unique one so let’s find out more….

How did you get your dream wedding  job?

Quite by accident! I worked as a Customer Services Manager for a large department store and then after an early mid-life crisis, I ran away to sea! I worked in promotions on a cruise liner for a while and then I wasn’t really sure what to do. I came across a sign in the window of The Pantiles Bride for an administration person and ended up becoming the Boutique’s manager before moving to their sister shop, Go Bridal.

Jenny Packham

How would you describe your boutiques style?

Go Bridal was once a house and is spread over three floors. It’s a tardis and many Brides comment on how deceptive it’s appearance is from the outside. We have a very relaxed atmosphere with scented candles and soft music and a turquoise and silver colour scheme. We have gowns to cater for every budget, style and size.

What personality traits do you need to be a good wedding dress stylist?

Firstly the love of all things bridal and sparkly! Being really patient and organised is a must – a fitting room full of excitable girls do occasionally need to concentrate on the task in hand if they are going to end up with the dress of their dreams! It’s also important to really listen to your customer as she will give you the clues you need to help you suggest the perfect dress.

Augusta Jones

Augusta Jones

What are the best and worst parts of your job?

The best part is helping to find that special gown for the most important day of a girls life! There aren’t too many downsides but dealing with high expectations and tight deadlines can be quite stressful.

What is your best piece of business advice to aspiring Boutique Stylists?

That it’s not all “dress-up” and drinking champagne! There’s lots of administration and co-ordinating behind the scenes and really busy fitting days can be mega tiring.


Alan Hannah

What has been your best moment as a boutique stylist so far?

I’ve had many lovely moments with Brides over the years but the best feeling is always when a bride turns to you at the end of the appointment and says “I would never have picked this gown myself but you seemed to know instinctively what suited me”. It makes all the hard work worth it.

Thanks Lola for sharing your dream job with us. If you want to find out more about Dream Wedding Jobs here’s the series so far:

Part One: Wedding Photographer

Part Two: Wedding Planner

Part Three: Wedding Florist

Look out next week for the part five of our Dream Jobs series.

Emma x



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Bridal Wear

Michael Jackson is the very talented photographer and owner of Jackson & Co Photography. You’ll just love Michael’s fun and easy going nature, which is so important if you are a couple that are slightly nervous in front of the camera. His down-to-earth and friendly approach to wedding photography is really refreshing and it helps that he’s a brilliant photographer as well. Let’s find out more….

How did you become a wedding photographer?

“I’ve taken photographs since I was a kid, my Dad made me my very first camera out of wood when I was really small so it’s something that I’ve always done. I guess like so many people a hobby become a real passion and then everything else just faded away and photography was all that I wanted to do. I spent a little while travelling with my wife in California and documented our trip the whole way. Throughout that time we just talked about what we could do and how we would do it and Jackson & Co Photography started to take shape. From that moment on it became the only thing we wanted to do.


How would you describe your style?

“Bright, colourful and fun. There’s a huge trend right now for photographs processed in a vintage style and although I love the nostalgia of old vinyl records and film cameras in truth I don’t really care for old grainy photos. I love photos that have punch, whether that comes from gorgeous warm sunlight and vivid colours or from a couple grinning at one another from ear to ear – and that ultimately is what I am trying to achieve when I am taking your photograph.

“Having your photograph taken is a daunting experience for most of my couples and they don’t know what to expect. They’re not alone, pretty much everyone does but there’ll soon have forgotten I’m even there. The camera bit is the easy bit of my job, it’s getting people to relax and enjoy is the real skill!

Jackson and Co Photography the_wedding_dolls jackson&cophotography

What do wedding couples ask you first?

“Usually “how long will I be there?” I’m there the whole day to capture your wedding from start to finish. Also “do I sell albums?” Absolutely. I currently provide albums by Folio and Red Tree.

What tips would you give your couples to help their day run more smoothly?

Planning is everything. I make sure that I go through an itinerary the week before so I know what’s happening and when. Also trying to co-ordinate guests together for group shots isn’t exactly my favourite thing in the world! They are important shots to get but unless I have someone to help me find certain friends and family it can be a bit of a guessing game who’s who! Plus it then takes far longer than it needs too.


What has been your best moment as a wedding photographer?

Crouching down and laying along an old wooden jetty that sticks out into Lake Garda last summer to capture one of my couples. The sun was just dipping down over the mountain and it was a really quiet and calm moment, that shot always stays with me.

jacksonandco_the_wedding_dolls jacksonandcophotography_the_wedding_dolls

For more info about Michael and to take a look at his portfolio whizz over to



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