Knock knock! Who’s there? Doughnut. Doughnut Who? Doughnut forget the wedding cake.

Alright terrible I know but there’s something about a doughnut that just makes you feel fun, naughty and a bit of a kid again. So if you’re tired of the usual sweet table or sugar candy offerings at weddings then why not go all out for a doughnut finger licking feast. Whether you pile them high or arrange them neatly in boxes your guests will be in for a jam, chocolate, custard or apple treat, to name just a few of the flavours now available! Ooh yeah and don’t forget about the humble ring!

jelly modern doughnuts


I’ve ordered just over a hundred doughnuts for an event before from Krispy Kreme in Bluewater. The staff were really helpful but sadly they don’t do a delivery service in Kent. So you’ll have to phone your order through and just send someone to collect them who won’t park on the M25 and eat the lot. That reason alone is why Emma never goes……

Joanne x

Image Credits: A Beautiful MessAt First Blush & Co, Confetti, Bella Amour


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