When this shoot from Stephanie Allin’s 2013 Night and Day Collection appeared in our inbox thoughts of sun and sipping wine weren’t too far from our minds. Shot on location in Morocco the collection has a really glamorous and romantic vibe.

As Stephanie says “Morocco is an oasis of variety and colours, from the beautiful tiled Riad courtyards, tapestry of the Mosques and the old palace ruins. I really enjoyed incorporating the soft pinks, nudes, blues and golds into this years collection. Morocco is calm, inviting and pulsates traditional undertones much like our 2013 Night and Day collection.”

Amber-20229the-wedding-dolls Kent-planner Amber-20292the-wedding-dolls Kent-planner Amber-20307the-wedding-dolls Kent-planner Amber-20336the-wedding-dolls Kent-planner Bardot Long-20743the-wedding-dolls Kent-planner Bardot Long-20757the-wedding-dolls Kent-planner Chicago-19688the-wedding-dolls Kent-planner Chicago-19749the-wedding-dolls Kent-planner Dani-19877the-wedding-dolls Kent-planner Dani-19896the-wedding-dolls Kent-planner Darcy-20656the-wedding-dolls Kent-planner Darcy-20663the-wedding-dolls Kent-planner Eternal-19477the-wedding-dolls Kent-planner Eternal-19511the-wedding-dolls Kent-planner Eternal-19514the-wedding-dolls Kent-planner Heaven-19627the-wedding-dolls Kent-planner Heaven-19657the-wedding-dolls Kent-planner Honour-19829the-wedding-dolls Kent-planner Honour-19848the-wedding-dolls Kent-planner Illusion-19991the-wedding-dolls Kent-planner Illusion-19997the-wedding-dolls Kent-planner Indi Rose-20476the-wedding-dolls Kent-planner Indi Rose-20481the-wedding-dolls Kent-planner Indi Rose-20513the-wedding-dolls Kent-planner Jasmine-19773the-wedding-dolls Kent-planner Jasmine-19780the-wedding-dolls Kent-planner Masquerade-20424the-wedding-dolls Kent-planner Masquerade-20426the-wedding-dolls Kent-planner Masquerade-20454the-wedding-dolls Kent-planner Moonlight-20362the-wedding-dolls Kent-planner Moonlight-20393the-wedding-dolls Kent-planner Mystical-19595the-wedding-dolls Kent-planner Mystical-19607the-wedding-dolls Kent-planner Mystical-19612the-wedding-dolls Kent-planner Mystical-19621the-wedding-dolls Kent-planner Rosa-20779the-wedding-dolls Kent-planner Rosa-20796the-wedding-dolls Kent-planner Sunset-19555the-wedding-dolls Kent-planner Twilight-20010the-wedding-dolls Kent-planner Twilight-20037the-wedding-dolls Kent-planner Twilight-20051the-wedding-dolls Kent-planner


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Bridal Wear

Froufrou Bridal Boutique in Tunbridge Wells will be spoiling you this month with some stunning designer days from across the pond.

Their All American March Trunk Show weekends kick off on the 15th with designer, Ivy & Aster, where’ll you get the chance to take a look at their entire 2013 collection as well as new Bridesmaid gowns. Helena from Froufrou says “these gowns are romantic and whimsical and definitely not to be missed, especially for Brides who know they definitely want an Ivy & Aster gown.”

ivy&asterfall1 Ivy&Asterfall2 ivy-and-aster-reception-dresses-utah-01 Ivy-and-Aster-Bridesmaid-Dresses-the-wedding-dolls


Then on the weekend of 23rd March, designer Claire La Faye Bridal, will showcase beautiful, creative and stylish designs. They are usually only available in the USA so Helena says “if you are a fashion forward bride that dreams of something beautiful and alternative to the traditional you’ll love these really unforgettable and feminine gowns”.

claire-la-faye-wedding-dress-etsy clairelafaye-gowns-01

During March the boutique are also introducing new Bridesmaids ranges including a collection from Twobirds Bridesmaids – which we love as they suit just about any Bridesmaid with lots of choice of colour and style.

Coral Final Select Low res Slate Portrait Select Low res


You can secure your Trunk Show appointment with a fully redeemable £15.00 deposit but before you do Helena recommends “if you are at the beginning of your search though and not looking to buy just yet, do give us a ring us to make an alternative appointment to come in and see us“.

Have fun and make your appointment asap as we know these popular shows get booked up super quick!

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