Back in September we helped Rebecca and James with our Dolly On the Day Co-ordination service.  I love this picture as it was the first time I’d seen Rebecca on the day. I had been busy setting up at the church and so couldn’t wait to see the Bride arrive. She looks so happy and beautiful and her Dad was full of pride with a lovely beaming smile.

The Church was gorgeous and very close to the family’s heart which made it all the more special. The classic Bridesmaids dresses with stunning lace detail and the top hat and tails were totally in keeping with the traditional family wedding that Rebecca and James chose for their big day. After the Church ceremony they held their reception at Hever Castle to round off this beautifully classic wedding.

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Wedding Planning

Getting married in Church is now a whole load easier and certainly less official than it once was. You now have more choices open to you about which church you can actually choose and the type of wedding ceremony you want.



Out are the really strict rules and in are a lot of really relaxed ones. If you want to marry in your local C of E church it is relatively straight forward, however if you want to choose one away from where you live, you will have to prove a connection to the church parish in question. This can be through one of you having lived there previously or through your parents or grandparents.

Legal elements of a church wedding will be around £350 but if you need other church services including an organist, choir or bell ringers this will cost you extra. We always find that Vicars are full of useful local information and are great for advice about choosing your favourite hymns and readings.  You will also get the chance to have a full rehearsal and have your banns read out in church before the wedding, which is often really special to couples in the build up to their big day.


In and around Kent there are literally hundreds of beautiful churches with fabulous settings.  If you want a quirky venue then local village halls, often close by to churches, are now becoming more wedding focussed and make a great blank canvas for themed weddings.  Churches are often popular as well if you want to have your reception at home as they offer the flexibility you need.  Some churches now even allow you to have your reception in the church itself, giving you a very unique take on the traditional church wedding!

Whatever you decide on find out more about choosing your church, available services and information about church weddings in general at your church wedding.

Image Credits: Shooting Hip