With less than two weeks to go to the big day, the stag and hen nights are now a blurred memory and the nerves have really kicked in for our April bride. Philippa is nervous about being centre of attention on her wedding day which is a worry I can personally relate to as this was my major wedding nightmare.


I was always happy to be part of the party but not the reason for it and on my wedding day I would be the centre of attention like never before. Wearing a big white dress would take me right out of my comfort zone and friends and family became the audience whilst I was the star of the show. It frightened the life out of me. So when a bride tells me they feel this way I’m pleased that I can personally offer some comforting words and take away some of the stress.

The minute I arrived at the aisle I didn’t notice the 100 guests watching me walk down it, all I could see was the man I was about to marry, when I said my vows I was only saying them to him not the audience sitting in the pews. During the reception I actually enjoyed talking to all my guests and didn’t feel like the centre of attention in the way I feared, instead I felt so honoured to have people care enough about us that they wanted to share our day. Everyone just got on with enjoying themselves so it didn’t feel like I was the main entertainment.

After the wedding, sitting on a beach in Hawaii reflecting on the day, we both said that our favourite moment was our first dance, another feared moment! Dancing a whole 3 minutes (naturally out of time with the music!) with everyone watching seemed really daunting but actually it was a real highlight.

I hope that my words of advice to our spring bride has settled her nerves – we’re sure the glass of bubbly in the morning will help too!

How will you calm your wedding day nerves? We’d love to hear from you.

Joanne  x