Everyone loves food. Whether you’ve just had your breakfast and are already dreaming about lunch or are debating the benefits of a chicken roast over a home-made pizza for dinner, food will ultimately play a big part in your day. Therefore my friends it makes sense that your wedding day is no different. Catering plays an essential role that needs to be top notch if your wedding is going to be a success but fussy canapés and Fillet Steak don’t have to be the order of the day to impress your guests. Here’s our top six trends to give your wedding that happy big love full up feeling.

1. Seafood: Kent has the unique position of being surrounded by gorgeous seafood. Whether it’s Native Oysters and dipping sauce, Cockles, Winkles or Mussels, followed by fish and chips there’s an abundance of choices including catering vans and caterers who work with the best fish suppliers around.

2. It’s all Gone Street: Catering vans are popping up everywhere and many with a vintage twist that look very cool parked in a field alongside a festival wedding theme. From Crepes to ice cream vans and more besides there’s lots to choice to give your guests a sweet feast that Willy Wonka himself would be proud of.

bertie catering the_wedding_dolls

Cripes It’s Crepes Vintage Catering Van

3. Go Global: As the world gets smaller the options just get bigger and now loads of couples go global for their catering choices. Asian catering in general is ever growing in popularity and it goes down a storm with all wedding guests. From chicken tikka to lamb jalfrezi there’s a wide variety of dishes to keep everyone happy and is a fabulous option for mass catering at it’s best.

4. Proud Pasta: Bowl food is big in corporate catering but it’s set to get even bigger this year as many couples choose not to do the whole sit down meal routine and prefer to mingle with guests. Bowl food allows you to give guests small portions of food and just keep it coming until you can’t eat no more. It’s great for serving foods such as pasta or risotto for weddings with an Italian flavour. Guests with a bit more room left can then grab a plate and fill up on the huge cheeseboard and dessert table to keep them ticking over until dancing commences.

Home Gurr'own Catering

Home Gurr’own Catering

5. Go Wild. Game catering is now becoming bigger and more well know as restaurant menus serve up more in the way of Game including rabbit, venison and pheasant as well as the more usual hog roast and Wild Boar sausages. It’s rustic Kent catering at it’s very best that will both surprise and delight your guests.

6. Burgers: Ignore unhelpful jokes about horsemeat and Ikea meatballs. Get your burgers from a local butcher (who will make them onsite and to order) so you can just concentrate on whether you give guests ketchup or home-made relish. Hand cut chips or wedges are a great accompaniment and there’s always the “bean” variety for any veggies. Kids love this option too!

Whatever catering option you choose make sure it’s the best that you can afford and don’t scrimp. They are your guests and it’s your job to feed them properly and make then happy – then you’ll find you are just as happy too!

I’m off to see what’s in the fridge….


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