services: Bespoke Wedding Planning

Looking for a Wedding Planner to work with you from the beginning or perhaps you have made start and need some professional help to bring it all together.

We have the experience and know how. We have been in business since 2013 years and planned A LOT of weddings. We have a huuuuge contact list of all the right people to call on to create a team of professionals that will deliver the day you are dreaming of.

Our wedding planning services are not about taking over, our services are designed to take away the stress associated with the responsibility of planning such a big day whilst holding down a successful career and trying to have a personal life too!

It is because of our passion for creating stand out wedding days and our excitement and commitment to every couple that we work for that we have also become known as The Caring Dolls.
We do not specialise in a particular style of wedding, we specialise in getting to know the personal style of you as a couple and from there we build your wedding day around you and your vibe.

We do not take over, we support, we guide, we hold hands and show you the way.

We listen to your vision and then show you options and lend you our knowledge.

We bring calmness to an overwhelming experience and we provide efficiency to save you lots of time.  Having us by your side will give you confidence in your decision making and will give you assurance that you will have the best team of suppliers bringing together your dream day, one that will stand out visually, flow seamlessly and become a day that your guests will always remember.

You will be in complete control of the decision making but with our professional and creative guidance we will bring the fun to the planning.

Why don’t we have a chat about your wedding plans and see how we can work together to create THE most amazing celebration.