portfolio: The British Raj: An Asian Fusion Wedding

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Organising a wedding when both working long hours was becoming impossible. We knew we’d done the right thing as soon as we spoke to Emma and Joanne. With their advice we set up a plan of what we needed to achieve and it meant that we thoroughly enjoyed the planning and stayed on track and in budget. They had brilliant ideas to save costs and help the day run smoothly. We couldn’t have done without them on our wedding day - they took care of all the little things we’d been worrying about which left us and our families free to just relax and enjoy! They were simply fantastic!

Vijay & Leanne


With two cultural aspects to consider Vijay and Leanne needed some planning assistance to encompass all the different elements and visualise how their big day was going to come together.  We helped them initial with timings and a planning to-do list. We also found suppliers and finalised bookings with them. The ceremony and reception was held at Nettlestead Place and the couple needed assistance on the day with setting up tables, managing guests arrival and organising last minute changes to the seating plan. We also ensured the Bridal party had assistance and the different entertainment elements including sweet and ice cream cart, singer, DJ and Bhangra music ran on time.