Today on the blog we have an absolutely fantastic offer from the very lovely Claire Lefevre of The Little Posy Print Company. Claire is a fabulous designer of wedding stationery and also makes brilliant custom-made stamps, so you can get all creative with your DIY wedding styling.

Claire is offering The Wedding Dolls readers a free custom designed rubber stamp (worth £44.95!) when you order your wedding invitations with her. Your gorgeous little stamp can be used on all manner of wedding prettiness such as sweetie bags, favours, save the dates and thank you cards – the only limit is your creativity!

Jack and Emily Thank you stamp

The offer is available for invitations from both the pre-made designs and the bespoke service. There are so many stunning designs to choose from. Just take a look below!

There’s a minimum order of 20 invites and the stamp will be a maximum size of 125x125mm. The offer is available until the end of July and please quote “The Wedding Dolls” when enquiring.

Don’t forget to tell us what you do with yours – happy stamping!

Emma x


Today we are very excited as we were asked to be part of the Pin it Forward campaign run by Pinterest to join pinning communities together and get people sharing more.

Pin It Forward UK 2013

We love Pinterest as you can discover all sorts of inspiration in one place and then organise all your pins quickly and easily into mood boards and categories to suit you.

We use it all the time to create wedding style boards and pin all our favourite ideas from around wedding world including stuff like decorating a marquee and table names to celebrity wedding styles.

Best of all there’s an option for secret boards so you can share with a select few keeping your pins undercover if needs be until well after your wedding day.

Whether you’re pinning for your wedding, your business or just for fun Pinterest is fast becoming the must go to website for inspiration and all things creative.


As part of the launch I’m sharing with you our English Country Wedding board. The board is full of gorgeous inspiration if you’re planning a wedding in Kent, or actually any countryside location! Here’s just a little taster.

pinterest country

pinterest country 2 And it’s not just for Brides, your Groom can get right involved in this pinning lark with the team over at IamStaggered. A brilliant blog for all things manly when it comes to weddings who have their own Pinterest boards for inspiration and of course, repinning. Go over and say hello!

A massive thanks to the team at Pinterest for asking us to be involved and we hope the campaign is a huge success. Make sure you share your pinboards with us below as we’d love to follow you too!

Happy Pinning

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If you’re planning an outdoor wedding chances are you’ll be needing a marquee or tent and you’re in luck as our very lovely neighbours (well two little roads away) at LPM Bohemia can help you with all of them!

From Vintage and Traditional Canvas Pole TentsIndian Marquees, to more contemporary Party Marquees, as well as Yurts and the eye-popping Grand Pavilion, they’ve got it covered for you.

Alongside hiring your tent the really friendly team will also help with furniture, dance floors, lighting and decor. There’s simply a huge range to choose from and lots of the tents can be joined together so you can get the perfect look alongside the functionality you need. Plus you could opt for letting your guests stay over for a bit of late night partying in Bell Tents and Yurts.

For some of you though decorating a tent or marquee can feel like a daunting prospect. It’s a huge blank canvas to work with, but with some of the new interior linings available it will make it that little bit easier and you’ll have a stunning and unique place for your wedding day.

LPM-Bohemia linings LPM-Bohemia_Blue-Int-with-r traditional slider-traditional-lining2 grand-pavilion grand-pavilion2 party-marquee yurt the_wedding_dolls_marquee_yurt_tent belltent belltent2

Are you planning an outdoor wedding? What type of tent will you be hiring?

Happy Planning!

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Images all from LPM Bohemia

Last week I went down to sample the workshops at Bake & Crafthouse with the lovely owner and fabulous crafter, Kate Alsanjak. After years working in fashion and design Kate has set up a crafters paradise in the village of Cranbrook, with a beautiful workshop kitted out with everything you’d need to make … well just about anything!

Ideal for hen parties, all age groups are welcome and Kate will arrange a bespoke craft experience for you. This group of happy hens made cupcakes in the morning advancing onto a bit of sewing in the afternoon making some very stylish knickers. All very easy and great fun!

The Bottlers 2 Cupcake Decorating Cutting out the knickers Pop Up Cafe


Perfect for all Brides with a creative streak to hone their skills, Kate is a master in guiding you through, whether it’s making your own table place names to bespoke invitations, or favours and much more.

Watch out for Kate on the blog over the coming weeks as she’ll be posting some DIY masterclasses for you all to try at home and introducing new ideas for Brides who are itching to plan a handmade wedding.

Happy Planning!

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Today on the blog our fantastic find is an entertainment company with over 15 years experience in the industry. We got to see Discologic in action at a wedding a few weeks ago and watch the packed dance floor enjoying the tunes played on the latest computer controlled sound and lighting equipment.

If you fancy adding something a bit extra on top of brilliant music they can also provide special effects such as Smoke, Dry Ice and Computer Controlled Moving Head & Laser systems, as well as colour theming your venue with unique lighting. There’s also an LED light up dance floor to help create the ultimate “wow” factor!

We spoke to Richard who says “our DJ’s are more than happy to play all your requests which we can take at the time of booking but also love requests on the night to make sure you and your guests get the music you want”.

Discologic have got a brand new website which showcases all their services so take a look now for more info and be ready to get your wedding party started in style!

Happy Planning!

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Hurrah it’s my birthday tomorrow! I’ll be celebrating with a glass (or two) of my favourite tipple, Hendricks with a splash of tonic and a slice of cucumber. But no G&T is complete without plenty of ice so big it up for Especially Cool who take their love of ice to the next level!

Especially Cool offers all things Ice for any occasion, from table pieces and sculptures to full ice bars and even live sculpting shows. We love their sculptured vodka luge that would really give your wedding guests a night to remember!


Ice Bar the_wedding_dolls ice_wedding Double Heart Swan Double Swan 2 LoveBirds Flower Block Vodka Luge


Based in Maidstone the team work all over the Kent and provide a tailor made, professional ice experience. They’ll be showing you exactly what they can do at Bleak House in Broadstairs this Sunday (14th April) so if you fancy making your wedding Especially Cool (sorry couldn’t resist) go see them.


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Let’s face it weddings aren’t cheap. If you’re the Bride & Groom you’re expected to fork out to make your day perfect but now even attending a wedding can be an major exercise in budget control. From the present, to the new outfit, a possible overnight hotel stay and then attending the stag or hen do and you’re looking at a whopping £500 plus just to turn up. So as your guests have really gone to a lot of effort before they arrive try to avoid these five things that will strike fear into their little happy wedding hearts:

1. “I’m Hungry”

Think about the timing of your wedding and when food and drink will be available. Starting a wedding between 12noon and 2pm will mean guests have probably been rushing to make it there and not had much time to think about lunch. If you can provide a little snack or at the very least a drink on arrival or directly after the ceremony then do it. It doesn’t have to be alcohol or canapes! Use your imagination and check out our previous post for hints and tips.

2. “I can’t afford an Xbox”

Expensive wedding gifts always grind with guests. No-one likes a greedy pants and putting personal gifts like the latest games consule or GHD’s on a wedding list can look a bit off, as does a gift list with a minimum present price of over £100. Make sure you mix the list up a bit with gifts of varying prices or use a Honeymoon payment scheme so guests can donate what they want and help you to have fun as you start your married life.

3. “I think I’ve missed the last train”

If your wedding is out in the sticks or a long way from public transport then you will need to think about making sure your guests can have a good time and get home safely. Hiring a bus (red or otherwise) to take guests on mass back to a town centre or local hotel would be fantastic but if your budget doesn’t stretch that far at the very least make sure you book some cabs in advance. That way guests aren’t left without a ride home as sleeping in the Church generally isn’t an option.

@Michael Cockerham

4. “Urgh how do you spell C-o-n-g-r-a-t-s”

It never fails to raise a quiet chuckle when you pass around the “Guest Book” and see the looks you get. It ranges from a ‘kill me now I have literally nothing to say’ to ‘yes I’m taking it from you but I’m going to pass it on quickly when I think no-one is looking”. There’s nothing worse than having to write something heart felt and witty into a book once you’ve drunk half your body weight in wine. There’s loads more options out there now from Polaroid Camera Pictures hanging on a washing line, to finger print trees and Quiz books about the Bride and Groom to help your guests along a bit. Much more original and much more fun.

5. “I’ve think my feet have frozen off”

This is a pet hate, maybe because I should only really ever live in the Caribbean, but I hate being cold. To be MADE to get cold is even worse. If you’re having a Winter wedding make sure your venue won’t shove your guests outside in the driving rain or snow whilst rooms are being changed around. If you’re having your ceremony in a Church check with Father George that it’s alright to have the heating on so your guests feet don’t get frozen to the floor. English Summer weddings will also have the chilly evenings to contend with so how about having some wraps or blankets on hand. That way your guests can get nice and toasty and still feel the warm glow of your wedding long into the night.


Remember if you look after your guests first, everything else will fall into place and your suppliers will also be more than happy to bend over backwards to make sure your guests get the best service possible.

Happy Planning!

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Featured Image: Frank Amodo

Your wedding should be your own little love story beautifully told. And these invitations tick all the right boxes to get your story started. Not only do they look really unique but they tell your guests your journey so far.  As Wedding Planners we always tell our couples to keep the wedding as personal as you can, as thats what makes it unique to you. There’s no better time to start this than when sending out your invitations.

These cute and fun invitations are made by RSVP Candy and are the story of you, who you are, where you’ve been and how you decided to get married. Quirky, sweet and utterly brilliant for stamping your personality on your wedding. Once you have the words for your story you can then add retro inspired illustrations and the back has all your wedding day details. You can even personalise each invitation with your guests names in vintage font.




name place cards



Prices start from £299 for 100 invitations and theres the option to add other wedding stationery too.

Go on start your wedding story today!

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Today’s style steal are these really cute little pots of honey and olive oil as favours for your guests. You can make your own honey  or flavoured oil olive for some DIY bonus points but be warned the glass jars can be expensive unless you are buying in super bulk!

However the good news is you can buy pots of honey already done from BeeARTisan. Add place name tags to the jars and you’ll have the perfect table settings for a Kent wedding feast.


Image: Elephantine

As it’s Valentines Day tomorrow we couldn’t let the week pass without giving it a mention and sharing with you some big hearted wedding lurrvve.

Our real wedding today belongs to Emma & David who were married this time last year at Lympne Castle. We love the traditional Valentine’s Day red mixed with orange tones and the beautiful veil and fur cape. A sophisticated Valentines just the way we like it!

Lympne-Castle-Wedding-Photography-1the wedding dolls Kent planner catherine hill Lympne-Castle-Wedding-Photography-2the wedding dolls Kent planner catherine hill Lympne-Castle-Wedding-Photography-3the wedding dolls Kent planner catherine hill Lympne-Castle-Wedding-Photography-6the wedding dolls Kent planner catherine hill Lympne-Castle-Wedding-Photography-7the wedding dolls Kent planner catherine hill Lympne-Castle-Wedding-Photography-9the wedding dolls Kent planner catherine hill Lympne-Castle-Wedding-Photography-10the wedding dolls Kent planner catherine hill Lympne-Castle-Wedding-Photography-12the wedding dolls Kent planner catherine hill Lympne-Castle-Wedding-Photography-13the wedding dolls Kent planner catherine hill Lympne-Castle-Wedding-Photography-17the wedding dolls Kent planner catherine hill Lympne-Castle-Wedding-Photography-18the wedding dolls Kent planner catherine hill Lympne-Castle-Wedding-Photography-20the wedding dolls Kent planner catherine hill Lympne-Castle-Wedding-Photography-21the wedding dolls Kent planner catherine hill Lympne-Castle-Wedding-Photography-22the wedding dolls Kent planner catherine hill Lympne-Castle-Wedding-Photography-24the wedding dolls Kent planner catherine hill Lympne-Castle-Wedding-Photography-25the wedding dolls Kent planner catherine hill Lympne-Castle-Wedding-Photography-27the wedding dolls Kent planner catherine hill Lympne-Castle-Wedding-Photography-28the wedding dolls Kent planner catherine hill Lympne-Castle-Wedding-Photography-29the wedding dolls Kent planner catherine hill Lympne-Castle-Wedding-Photography-30the wedding dolls Kent planner catherine hill Lympne-Castle-Wedding-Photography-31the wedding dolls Kent planner catherine hill Lympne-Castle-Wedding-Photography-32the wedding dolls Kent planner catherine hill Lympne-Castle-Wedding-Photography-33the wedding dolls Kent planner catherine hill Lympne-Castle-Wedding-Photography-34the wedding dolls Kent planner catherine hill Lympne-Castle-Wedding-Photography-35the wedding dolls Kent planner catherine hill Lympne-Castle-Wedding-Photography-38the wedding dolls Kent planner catherine hill Lympne-Castle-Wedding-Photography-39the wedding dolls Kent planner catherine hill Lympne-Castle-Wedding-Photography-41the wedding dolls Kent planner catherine hill Lympne-Castle-Wedding-Photography-42the wedding dolls Kent planner catherine hill Lympne-Castle-Wedding-Photography-43the wedding dolls Kent planner catherine hill Lympne-Castle-Wedding-Photography-44the wedding dolls Kent planner catherine hill Lympne-Castle-Wedding-Photography-47the wedding dolls Kent planner catherine hill

All images by Catherine Hill Photography – thanks Catherine!