Here at The Wedding Dolls HQ we’ve been busy doing lots of final planning with our Summer couples.

The final few weeks can be a heady mix of hectic running around, growing excitement and flashes of nerves. To help make sure you feel ready and prepared some list making is a must!

Here to help are our top five tips for the final weeks of planning:

1. Planning Timetable

Make sure you have a timed plan of your day. Include every hour from set up right through to the last dance. Email it to all of your suppliers. The more they all know the easier it will be for them to set up on the day and get themselves prepared. It will help the day run smoother if everyone knows when everything is happening.


2. Mobile Mission

Make sure you have a list of all your suppliers along with their mobile phone numbers on the day itself. Give this to one of your ushers to look after just incase there are any last minute changes and you need to get hold of them. If you can give your suppliers a mobile contact number for the big day itself – again this can be one of the Ushers if you don’t have a Wedding Doll on hand!

3. What to do and when

Include in your preparations a list of everything you need to do in the week before the wedding, the day before the wedding and the morning of the wedding. List out all the jobs and put next to it who is going to do them. Be logical and realistic about what you can achieve in the time available. Don’t expect your Bridesmaids or Best Man to be able to do lots of running around the morning of the wedding – they’ll be busy enough getting themselves ready and getting to the Church too!


4. In and Out

Make sure you know what time you can access your venue and let your suppliers know. Some venues will let you deliver items the day before but don’t just assume that you can. They may well have another wedding or just don’t have the storage space. Also check when you need to remove all of your items so you can work this into your plan as well. It’s a good idea to nominate someone to deliver and collect and have a list of everything that should be dropped off and picked up just to make sure nothing is forgotten.

5. Photography Timings

Make sure you give your photographer a list of all the shots you want taken on the big day. Listen to their advice about how many shots you can have and when is best to take them. It will help if you can have an Usher on hand to round up family just before they are needed – it will make things feel less rushed and certainly less stressful.

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The more preparation you can do in the lead up to the big day the better. Getting your plans down on paper will make it easier to see what needs to be done and when. It might seem daunting to do so but it will make it clearer and easier. We promise!

Happy Planning x




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