Today on the blog we’re talking rain. Sorry about that.

Joanne has been busy drawing up some wet weather contingency plans for an outside event and whilst it’s okay to stay positive that the sun will shine, having a back up plan, especially if getting married in the UK, is essential so things don’t get to soggy.

Rain definitely doesn’t have to stop play if you follow a few simple rules:

wedding dolls kent

1. Photography can look stunning in the rain but have a few umbrellas ready so you don’t get drenched. Chat to your photographer beforehand so you’ll both know what to expect.

2. If your wedding is outside and somewhere potentially muddy just work with it. Tell guests to bring cardigans, jackets and wellies so they can plan accordingly. Think Glam Glasto.

bride and hunter wells

3. Sometimes the wind is worse than rain. Make sure you have rope, ties and grips to secure anything down that might get blown away. Tablecloths and gazebos are the worse offenders.

4. Erecting some shelter, however simple will work wonders. Just so guests can get in the dry should a downpour happen.

5.  If the weather forecast suggests that it might be a tad cold ask your marquee company about heaters and check with your venue about any heating arrangements. They’ll have dealt with it all before and will have lots of suggestions.

Happy Planning!



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