Over the next few weeks we’re bringing you some of our readers biggest and best honeymoon destinations. You lucky lot seem to have travelled the globe far and wide and are eager to share your travel expertise with couples still planning their own honeymoons. So today we kick off with The Wedding Dolls reader, Angie Picardo who is lucky enough to now live in one of my favourite cities in the whole world, San Francisco.

Here Angie tells you why her beloved San Francisco is one of the most uniquely romantic cities in the United States……..

“Known for its exciting geography and rich history San Francisco is an unforgettable adventure. Here’s my five must go places when you’re visiting the city.

“Fisherman’s Wharf has a delightful eateries, crab stands, fresh seafood bistros, the original Ghirardelli Ice Cream and Chocolate Shop, Cafes and historical restaurants for just about every budget and it’s a fun place to see the rhythms of San Francisco’s people. The best way to experience this eclectic mix of food, people and salty air is at street view where you can enjoy the unusual street artists entertaining everyone. Some of the best attractions nearby include the Aquarium of the Bay, which features 20,000 varieties of aquatic life from the waters of San Francisco Bay and the Exploratorium, a world-class experimental research facility that Scientific American declared “the best science museum in the world”.

“One of the most unusual street in the world is San Francisco’s Lombard Street, with its 8 exaggerated switchbacks cascading down a 27% grade. The name was taken from Philadelphia’s Lombard Street and its famous one-way street a block long at the top of Russian Hill sandwiched between Hyde and Leavenworth streets. The best way to experience the street is to drive down at a speed limit of 5 miles an hour or take the Powell-Hyde cable car and walk down the red brick stairs and watch motorists negotiate the curves. There are gorgeous views of the city surrounded by the blue waters of the bay for romantic walks around this neighbourhood.

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“This rich alcove of Chinese culture is a must see part of your San Francisco trip. You don’t have to have much of a plan to enjoy Chinatown. Here you can walk in and out of fascinating merchant shops selling herbs, incense and fine silk clothing or relax in an acupuncture clinic and have tea in the many comfortable tea houses. There are many colorful festivals throughout the year including the upcoming Autumn Moon Festival in September in celebration of the full harvest moon and nature’s abundance. Other interesting places to visit is the Hang Ah Tea Room, the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory and America’s largest Buddhist Church – Buddha’s Universal Church.

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 13.29.33

“Certainly not the most romantic thing to do in San Francisco, but a trip to Alcatraz is a complete must for its historical and somewhat macabre allure. Since the island is a National Park, the only way you can get there is through one designated ferry company, Alcatraz Cruises LLC. Best plan ahead for this adventure as you’ll need to order your tickets several months in advance. Not only can you experience the inside of the original prison and cells, there is a museum that tells the intriguing stories behind the island’s history and some of its most famous inmates.

“Make sure you take a ferryboat to the beautiful artistic village of Sausalito across the bay. Well known for its waterfront restaurants where you can watch the sunset it has a really Bohemian feel. With quaint galleries and street fairs there is always something going on. If you are an art enthusiast, don’t miss the annual Sausalito Arts Festival, set along the waterfront it showcases over 250 artists alongside tonnes of music concerts. At Dunphy Park, you can have a picnic in the sun and in the evening on the second Wednesday every month there is an Art Walk, where local artists exhibit their work.

“Whatever you decide to do, you will not be disappointed with this fantastic American city and the best way to see it is on foot. Make sure you plan ahead, make reservations early and dress in layers for the unpredictable weather conditions.

Above all have a happy honeymoon and you never know – I might just be on the trolley cart next to you!”

Angie x

Thanks so much Angie and watch out next week for our readers guide to Barbados! We can’t wait!


Angie Picardo is a staff writer, financial analyst, and content manager at, a site dedicated to empowering consumers to save money and make smarter decisions about their personal finances, travel plans, or higher education.



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