The old saying “it’s the little things that mean most” could not be truer for your wedding day. You can spend hours thinking up outlandish ways to wow your guests but going back to basics is always a winning formula. Here’s six ideas to wow your guests without getting your planning pants in a right old twist.

1. It’s a Wonderful Welcome

Make sure your Groomsmen are well up to the task of welcoming your guests and creating a buzz at the very start of your big day. Choose Groomsmen whose personality shines through and are enthusiastic about their role. Then you can be sure your guests will share their excitement and anticipation whilst waiting for their gorgeous Bride to arrive.

2. Sweets for My Sweet

If your budget stretches far enough give everyone a little gift as they wait for the ceremony to start. Little bags with humbugs are great for a winter warmer and sherbet pips for some summer fizz. Don’t’ go all Willy Wonka though with a massive sweet cart – you don’t want your guests crunching their way through your wedding vowels.

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3. Signature Cocktail

Mixing your own wedding cocktail is a great way to bring personality into your wedding day and give guests something other than the usual Pimms or Champagne offering. It doesn’t have to be  worthy of any mixology awards, just think about serving a drink that matches your colour scheme or add a simple cordial to cava (or sparkling water for a non-alcoholic version). Give it a unique name and claim it for your own.

4. Picture Perfect

Photo booths are a great way to add a bit of fun to the evening and a great way to bridge the gap between the end of the wedding breakfast and the arrival of evening guests. As well as a good giggle on the night you’ll have some great guest snaps as the perfect reminder of the day. Check to see if your photographer offers this service as part of a wedding package or book a purpose built booth complete with funny outfits and comic hats galore.

You Beauty Photobooths

You Beauty Photobooths

5. The Old Speech Sweepstake

Wedding speeches are a highly anticipated part of the day; “Who’s going to say what, will the Best Man embarrass the Groom, who’s gonna cry”. Don’t even think about not doing them. You’ll regret it. Forever. One way to bring in a bit of audience participation is doing a speech sweepstake. Everyone takes a guess on how long the speeches will last and puts in £2 to play. Whoever is the closest to the right time wins the pot of cash. Get your Ushers to do the sweepstake whilst the tables are being cleared from the main course.

6. Bring me the Barista

One thing we always hear guests asking for later into the evening is the availability of tea and coffee. Most weddings simply serve one after dinner and sometimes it’s just not enough. Guests who are driving, those who don’t drink or those who need to lay off the free bar will really appreciate something other than a Diet Coke…again. A really fun idea is to have a Barista available to mix different coffees and add a Baileys where necessary. They always go down well with a mini donut (or two) for a late night treat.

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What are you planning to do to wow your guests? We’d love to know!

Happy Planning

Emma x

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