If you managed to get your tongue around that blog title you’re probably already in need of a stiff drink. So read this, do a taste test and you’ll soon have one less wedding planning option to worry about….or a hangover….

1. Bubbles: If you are serving Champagne make sure it’s a decent one and that everyone gets to see the bottles, otherwise frankly it’s a bit of waste of your hard earned cash. If Moet isn’t an option try an alternative instead. Prosecco can outshine cheap Champagnes and we sourced a fantastic one through James Rogers & Sons Wine Merchants in Wadhurst High Street, which we need no excuse to roll out at every occasion. Just finished a blog post don’t mind if we do…..

2. OOOh lets get fruity: Adding a raspberry or strawberry to a glass of something sparkling really gives it a lift and adds a twist to an old classic or you can try adding a fruit cordial for a bigger punch.


3. Summer classics like Pimms are always on budget which is why it’s such a popular wedding drink. Just don’t water it down with too much lemonade and leave out half the fruit otherwise they look a bit miserable and are flat on the tastebuds. The only thing is though that one is never enough so make sure you double up the servings and have an alternative drink, such as bottled beer, available for guests who ‘don’t do’ Pimms.

4. Water is one of life’s necessities so give your guests a treat and liven it up. Water should always be on hand at any event and in plentiful supply especially on hot days and when guests are standing around for any length of time. Try adding some cucumber ribbons, mint or lemons to jugs of water along with lashings of ice. Sparkling water is also great for guests who don’t drink alcohol. Leave Sparkling water bottles on the water table and include some cordials including Elderflower and Ginger & Lemon or mix them in large glass containers and let guests help themselves.


5. A Signature Cocktail is a perfect way to bring out your wedding personality. Mixology Events in London run cocktail masterclasses where you can learn to create your own cocktails in a fun environment, plus you get to drink what you make. Go with a group of hens and stags and get your wedding cocktail off to a flying start!

6. When picking wine to go with a meal keep it simple. One white wine (either a Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc) and one Red (our choice would be Pinot Noir). At this point it’s well worth checking if your venue charges corkage as this may be the difference between sourcing your own wine or going with their options.

Poppy & Pearl Co

Poppy & Pearl Co

7. Never EVER serve drinks in plastic cups. Even if they’re the ‘posh’ variety. Not only do they feel cheap they also take away from the taste of the drinks and what they are served in make such a difference. Most supermarkets do free glass hire or for a really cheap and DIY alternative collect small jam jars to use as water glasses and add paper drinking straws.

8. Go local: If you’re sourcing your own alcohol try independent wine merchants and local brewery’s first. They are super knowledgable about the best option for you as well as being experts in local produce and will be able to save you the cost and stress of hopping over to France to get a duty free run of rough vino.

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