We start todays post by saying a massive thank you to everyone who came along to our wedding workshops over the weekend at The Wedding Fair, Bluewater. We’ve had lots of emails asking for a summary of the workshop content so we thought we’d share it here so all our readers can join in the fun. The sessions were a mini version of our three-hour workshops and looked at how you can get your personality into your wedding day. If you would like a copy of the template we used just drop us an email and we’ll be glad to ping you one over. So here’s a quick recap!

1. It Takes Two

When planning a wedding it’s kinda easy for some Brides to forget that there’s a Groom involved at all. Sound familiar? Well stop right there. To pack in the personality you need to make sure that both the Bride and Groom have their say from the very start. Work out TOGETHER what it is you want for your wedding day. Small and intimate with only your nearest and dearest or a huge festival affair with 200 guests? Whatever you decide start by making sure both of you have thoroughly discussed what you want for your wedding day and you AGREE!

Cho & Enio Engagement Shoot_79

2. I absolutely, positively, must have…..

Here’s where you can go all Bridashian and demand the one thing you can’t do without and would be seriously upset if you didn’t get on your big day. Decided? That’s great but think about WHY you want it. What’s the motivation behind your choice and does it really reflect you and your personality? Think carefully about your one must have and if it really is about you or somebody else?


3. Style Me Crazy

Now I love a super blog and sleek glossies but my advice would be to read them, bookmark them, digest them and use them to help give you ideas and inspiration but don’t take them literally or try to copy them exactly. I know you’re there going ‘hello wedding dolls you write a blog” but you need to take what you see on some blogs and in magazines with a big dose of reality. The actual budgets and stress involved in pulling some of these wedding days together are rarely, if ever shown. There’s a reason for this as no-one wants to read about a Bride who lost the plot a week before her wedding day and ran up a massive credit card bill in the process. Sort of spoils the illusion huh?

4. Your Gran Can Do What!?


Involve your families and discover a huge talent pool that’s right there under your nose. Families like nothing more than getting involved in a wedding – you are after all the people they love the most and the day is about your happiness. If they can share in this it’s going to give them all a big cosy feeling and you get something unique that no-one else can buy for love nor money. If your Uncle can crack out a tune or your Aunt is a Blue Peter badge holder then find small ways to get them showcasing their talents on your big day. Note here I said SMALL ways. Don’t ask family to undertake huge tasks unless they are really up for it. They won’t feel like they can say no and they might have bitten off more than they can comfortably chew. Be realistic about what you are asking them to do.

5. It’s YOU, YOU, YOU and not ME, ME, ME

Canterbury vintage engagement shoot 342

Fairly obvious we know but think about things from your guests point of view. What will make them really happy on your wedding day? Being fed lovely food, being entertained, made to feel special and seeing you enjoying every minute. Yes. Seeing that the flower colour exactly matches the Bridesmaids dresses. Err No. If you are in any doubt about some of the last minute decisions you are making return to your original wedding plan and ask yourself – why do I want it, is it really me, what difference will it make, will anyone really care?

Happy Planning!


Ooh and if you want to experience our workshops for yourself then check out the dates currently available. There’s no need to come alone bring a friend (or mum) with you!

And one last thing! If you entered our Bluewater Wedding Competition over the weekend watch out for full details of the winners early next week.

Images from wedding photographer, Rebecca Douglas

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