If there’s one set of photos you want to be looking picture perfect in it’s definitely your wedding album. But even professionally applied make-up will need a little helping hand during your wedding day, so Ellie of The Beauty Aisle, is back with a second guest post on that very subject. Over to you Ellie!


There’s nothing worse than painstakingly applying your wedding make up to perfection, only for it to disappear half way thorough the day so I’ve put together a few tips and tricks you can use to keep your make up looking great for longer.

1. Before you do anything it’s essential that you prepare your skin properly. Start by cleansing and using a good moisturiser or primer to give the foundation a good base.

2. I often use a cream eye shadow or eye primer before applying powder eye shadow. Mac Paint Pots are great for this and come in a wide variety of shades. They’re super easy to blend, will make your eye shadow last much longer and will also intensify the colour.

3. To give yourself a Matte skin look use a powder that matches the shade of your foundation. I would recommend using a pressed powder rather than a loose one – it’s not worth the risk of dropping a pot of powder over your wedding dress!

4. Healthy and radiant skin is the most beautiful, so if you want to go for dewy skin use a face mist to help. My absolute favourite is from French brand, Caudalíe. The mist is made from grapes and will also help set your make up as well as giving you a radiant look. It’s available from Boots and most department stores. Not only is it good for the skin but I find it calms the mind too, perfect for last minute nerves! The Body Shop Vitamin E face mist is another good option.

4. When applying lipstick I always use a lip liner all over the lips first, next I’ll apply one coat of lipstick, blot it with a tissue then apply a second coat. Remember to keep the lipstick in your bag and if you have chosen a bold colour keep the pencil handy to maintain the perfect shape.

5. Blotting papers are such handy little things, perfect to pop into your handbag. They soak up any excess moisture to keep you shine free. They are widely available and you can spend as little as £1 or as much as £10 on them depending on the brand.

Your Wedding Day Make Up Shopping list 

Caudalíe Eau de Beauté 30ml, £11.50

The Body Shop Vitamin E face mist, £8 for 100ml

Mac paint pots, £14 each

Thanks Ellie for another fantastic masterclass. For more hints and tips on wedding beauty check out Ellie’s previous post on getting wedding ready.

Post image by Richard Grebby, Featured image by Debs Ivelja


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