Welcome back to Part 2 of our behind the scenes of a wedding planner. Yesterday we shared how the first part of the wedding day went and here I pick up from the arrival of the Bride at the Church.

As the Bride pulled up to the Church final touches were done to her make-up and smiling brightly she took her place at the start of the aisle. The ceremony had started, but back at the house there will still lots to do.  With the broken toilet and missing car to sort out the plans to finish off the marquee had been delayed so Emma did the finishing touches to the marquee. This included completing the table decor and favours, hoovering up the marquee carpet, finishing of the chill-out area, overseeing the set up of the band and DJ and getting suppliers to move their cars to the supplier parking area.

At this point I was at the church coordinating the photos of the new Mr and Mrs and their bridal party.  I called Emma so she knew that some guests would be arriving back at the house shortly – at this point the rain started. Making sure the bride had her white umbrella and all the family photos had been taken I left the couple to have some photo’s done on their own and headed back to the house. Emma was under her umbrella guiding guests cars into parking spaces. I then became the watchful eye in the back garden, making sure guests were happy and that the champagne and canapés were circulating.

With the rain now falling and the bride and groom expected at the house we needed to make a decision. The plan was for drinks and canapés on the lawn with photographs in-between but now we had to ask all guests to go straight into the marquee. With drinks circulating and the bride and groom in the house the sun came out, so I invited all the guests out of the marquee and onto the lawn. I then assisted the photographer to make sure every requested photograph was captured.

The couple had selected a good friend to be MC for the afternoon and so it was my job to make sure he knew when to get the mic and start talking! Dinner was served and so we took 10 minutes to grab a bite to eat back in the house and look through the plans that would take the afternoon into the evening reception.

By now it was early evening and there were still the speeches, cutting of the cake, greeting evening guests and the first dance to do. So with our eyes fixed firmly on our watches we made sure this all happened ensuring the bride and groom were relaxed and enjoying themselves. Then before we knew it our job was almost done. Just before saying goodbye and quietly slipping away we lit over 50 candles in the marquee and lanterns in the garden. We also organised some extra lighting for the path to the toilets and then finally made our way home. Exhausted but exhilarated by the day.

If you would like to know more about how we can help you on your wedding day please drop us an email.

Joanne x

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