One of the first things many couples need help with is working out their budget.

It sometimes depends on where in the planning process you are as to what money you have available.  Some couples book their date 18 months in advance and then start saving towards it with a final budget in mind, others already have their budget in place and want to book a date as early as practically possible.

Whichever camp you are in here is a rough outline of how you can start your budget planning. Be warned it does not include a honeymoon, designer wedding dress or glittery Louboutin’s …..for those you will have to ask the Groom very nicely or, and tell absolutely no-one we said this, use the contingency.

When working out a budget we use the following percentages to help break it down:

  • Reception Venue & Catering 45%
  • Photographer 7%
  • Videographer 7%
  • Brides Outfit 5%
  • Grooms Outfit 1%
  • Wedding Planner 5%
  • Bridesmaids 2%
  • Florist or venue decoration 5%
  • Entertainment 7%
  • Stationery 3%
  • Wedding Cake 2%
  • Wedding Make Up & Hair 1%
  • Wedding Cars 2%
  • Ceremony & Legalities 3%
  • Contingency 5%

After an initial look there maybe some things you won’t be having and some other stuff you need to add.  This is entirely up to you and will depend largely on the type of day you want.  You may have friends who can help them out with different aspects of your wedding but Bridezilla’s take note! Before embarking on getting friends to help you just be sure they are reliable enough to deliver on the day and that you won’t end up falling out if it doesn’t go exactly to plan.

Once you have juggled the percentages then you can start getting quotes. Suppliers will usually give you a quote based on the number of guests you have or the budget you have allocated. Once these are in you can then start putting actual costs against your percentages to give you a fully costed plan.

If you are struggling with this or need to find ways to reduce your budget, then hey, get us involved! We have lots of suppliers who happily offer discounts to stretch your budget a bit further and we have ways and means of helping you juggle your budget to make it work for you.

A two-hour consultation and follow up information pack costs only £150 and will help you get started on the road to wedded bliss!


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